It was the first weekend of Cheerleading Worlds bid competitions for the 2017-2018 season and all we can say is… wow. There were FOUR events to kick us off and it kept us busy on the Twitter all weekend long. From Houston, Texas to Atlantic City, New Jersey, we were blessed with great cheerleading.

On top of Worlds bids, we saw amazing showcase performances from Maryland Twisters and Cheer Extreme, we got our first complete look at Stingray All Stars Steel and Orange, and saw the incredible East Celebrity Elite. A lot happened so we organized it all below, and more than 100 Summit and D2 Summit bids were awarded. Click below to jump to a specific section. 


This Weekend’s Top Picks

Stingray Allstars Steel is here to STAY 

Hunnnnnnnnnnny – these Reigning World Champions aren’t messing around this season. They gave us solid stunts, clean tumbling, and a unique pyramid. For example, two boys rolled to their backs and then pushed their flyers into a backflip. Done. Sold. You win.

Brandon Black’s Sickening Stunt

We still cannot get over Brandon Senior Black’s ball up full to immediate double around. They performed effortlessly this weekend. And apparently, they had a raw score of 98.6. That’s huge.

F5 Knocks It out of the Park

The Queens of F5 did NOT disappoint. This is one of the strongest starts for the famed large senior 5 team we’ve seen and honestly, everyone is here for it. They won Worlds in 2016 on a baseball field, and now it looks like they’re looking to do the same thing this – but in baseball jerseys. And indoors. Because…. #SlipperyWhenWet

Also, who wants to guess how many times this year someone is going to say that F5 knocked it out of the park? (The limit does not exist.) 

Cheer Extreme Senior Elite Debuts UPGRADES

When Senior Elite took the stage for the first time at Teal Reveal a few weeks ago, we were in shock and awe at how good they looked. And now, they’ve performed the same routine with some new choreography to tie it all together. Per usual, they’re putting up difficult stunts that are gorgeous and a joy to watch.

Cheerleading Worlds Bids

  • 39 bids were awarded (26 at large, 4 partial paid, and 9 paid) 
  • 12 Canadian bids 
  • 27 United States bids 
  • Programs who won more than one bid
    • Cheer Sport Sharks – 4
    • Cheer Athletics – 3
    • Cheers & More – 2 
    • ICE All Stars – 3
    • Prodigy All Stars – 2
    • Woodlands Elite – 2
    • Flyers All Starz – 2

You can find an updated list of everyone who has won a bid to the Cheerleading Worlds here all season long. 

Summit Bids

According to our calculations, 96 Summit bids and 89 D2 Summit bids were awarded at Monday night’s bid reveal. Congratulations to all the new teams headed to Disney! 

Summit Bids: click here

D2 Summit Bids: click here

Competition Results 

America’s Best National Championship

Full Paid: 

  • Twist & Shout Diamonds – Small Senior Coed 5
  • KC Cheer Fierce 5 – Small Senior Coed 5

At Large: 

  • Cheers & More Lady Respect – Small Senior 5
  • Tribe Cheer Chiefs – Extra Small Coed 5
  • World Class Fame – Extra Small Coed 5
  • Cheers & More Lady Rouge – International Open 5

Click above for Worlds level division results. 

Encore Championships

Full Paid

  • Woodlands Elite Black Ops – Medium Senior Coed 5
  • Woodlands Elite Generals – Small Senior 5
  • Spirit of Texas Royalty – Medium Coed 5

At Large

  • Prodigy Midnight – Small Senior Coed 5
  • Cheer Athletics Wildcats – International Open Large Coed 5
  • Prodigy Blacklight – International Open Small Coed 5
  • Cheer Athletics Panthers – Large Senior 5
  • All Star Revolution Freedom – International Open Small Coed 5
  • Cheer Athletics Cheetahs – Large Senior Coed 5

Click above for Worlds level division results. 

Cheer Tech Spirit Nationals

Cheer Tech awarded six bids to the Cheerleading Worlds: 

Full Paid: 

  • All Star One Lady Bang – Medium Senior 5
  • Long Island Cheer Diamonds – Small Senior Coed 5 

At Large

  • SKYY All Stars – Extra Small Senior 5
  • Platinum Athletics – Medium Senior 5
  • New York Icons – Small Coed 5 
  • USA Wildcats – Small International Open Coed 5 

Click above for Worlds level division results. 

Nation’s Choice Holiday Classic

Full Paid

  • ICE All Stars Lady Lightning – Small Senior 5 
  • ICE All Stars Thunder – Small Senior Coed 5

At Large

  • ICE All Stars Radar – Large Senior 5 
  • Lions Cheer Company Pride – Extra Small Coed 5
  • United All Stars Eclipse – International Open Large Coed 5 
  • Platinum Athletics Onyx – Small Senior Coed 5
  • GymTyme All Stars Fever – Small Senior Coed 5 

Click above for Worlds level division results. 

Other Weekend Highlights

Maryland Twisters Showcase

Maryland Twisters held their pre-season showcase where we got our first glimpse of F5, Reign, and Blackout. F5 debuted their baseball routine including some brand new, extremely unique uniforms.

East Celebrity Elite First Look

East Celebrity Elite held their annual pre-season showcase this weekend, and you can say we’re impressed. Reigning World Champions ECE M5 Bombshells (medium senior 5) debuted their routine and HOLY. OPENING. These girls can tumble and no one can put out a standing full section like ECE. C5 ( medium coed 5) and Fame (small senior coed 5) also looked incredible. C5’s routine is super dynamic and they look ready to dive into another season of intense competition.

See their videos below:

M5 Bombshells: click here

C5: click here

Fame: click here

JWOW (small junior 5): click here

Stingray All Stars Steel and Orange First Look

We ~finally~ saw the reigning World Champions Stingray Allstars Steel and fan-favorite Orange on Sunday. It was worth the wait. Both teams have incredible routines and the skills to back it up. We also saw performances from Cobalt and Peachy and their looking mighty fine for December too. We’ll get to see them all again this upcoming weekend.

Link to Steel’s video: click here.

Link to Orange’s video: click here.

Link to Cobalt’s video: click here

Link to Peach’s video: click here.

Cheer Extreme X Evolution

Cheer Extreme held their second pre-season showcase this weekend where we saw incredible upgrades from Senior Elite and Coed Elite, and two more stunning performances from SMOEX and SSX. Monarchs, CEA’s small senior 4, was all anyone wanted to talk about on Twitter, so we linked their video below too. 

Senior Elite’s video: Part 1, Part 2

SSX’s video: click here

SMOEX’s video: click here

Coed Elite’s video: click here

Monarch’s video: click here

Canada’s Cheer for the Cure Uploads EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO. 

Cheer for the Cure, the Canadian Worlds bid event from this weekend, uploaded every single performance video this weekend. For free. How amazing is that?! See all their performance videos here

Next Weekend

Another busy weekend is quickly approaching! Find information for all upcoming Cheerleading World bid competitions here

  • Cheer Alliance Championship in Louisville, KY
  • WSF Nationals – 4 paid bids / 8 at-large bids 
  • Battle Under the Big Top – 2 paid bids / 4 at-large bids 
  • Spirit Celebration Christmas Classic – 3 paid bids / 6 at-large bids 

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