It’s time for our first weekend review of the season! An exciting showcase weekend started with California Allstars San Marcos/Ontario and Cheer Extreme Chicago on Saturday followed by an ACTION PACKED Sunday with Cheer Extreme and California Allstars Las Vegas. And let us not forget the three Summit Wildcard bids that were won this weekend.

Here’s What Happened This Weekend

Saturday 10/22

California Allstars showed UP on Saturday. From level 1 to 6, they had a little something for everyone.

Lady Bullets are back with an action-packed routine and killer choreography. Their dance is everything you’ve ever wanted and then some, you can see the dance and their full routine here.

It’s only October and Cali Coed looks great as well, although we fully expect their routine to change 40 times this season, this is a great starting point. You can see their routine here.

Their international 6 team, Rangers, and reigning World Champs Sparkle also showcased their routines and you can see them here.

Over in the Midwest, Cheer Extreme Chicago debuted their new medium all girl 5 team and we cannot wait to see that routine in its entirety later this season.

Cheer World All Stars also had their showcase and cheerUPDATES shared a first look at their small coed 5 Worlds team, Omega. Premier Athletics also had a two-day showcase where they showed off teams from their multiple locations.


Sunday 10/23

Cheer Extreme and their 100 other locations showcased in North Carolina, and the internet is a BUZZ. Let me tell you! I think between Senior Elite and SSX, everyone is just gagged. You can watch their videos on our CEA wrap-up page. 

Cheer Extreme’s other Worlds teams Shade, SMOEX, Cougars, Coed Elite, and Passion also look great. You can see those on our Cheer Extreme wrap up towards the bottom.

SADLY, we have no videos from the Cali Las Vegas showcase, so we’re going to have to wait and see them at their first competition.

Monday 10/24

Varsity revealed the next three Summit Wild Bid cards won over the weekend. You can see the winners here.

Next Weekend

Next weekend, ICE has their showcase in Indiana (hey Radar and Lady Lightning!) and Cheer Athletics’ Blue Debut in Texas (Panthers, Cheetahs, Wildcats, etc. etc. etc.). WHO’S EXCITED?!