Weekend Review

December 12, 2023

A Well-Executed Circus

The second major competition weekend of the year is COMPLETE. 11 teams went home with Full Paid bids to The Cheerleading Worlds 2024. We watched teams from every corner of the country, and we’re convinced it’s going to be a standout season. 

The Top Scores of the Week

Teams Who Scored Above 98 at Varsity All Star Competitions 

  1. A-Towne Athletics Elite Sapphires – 99.2 (BUTBT)
  2. Davis Allstar Gym Inc Imagine – 98.9493 (Spirit Cheer)
  3. Carolina Elite Senior Sisters – 98.9458 (Aloha Gatlinburg)
  4. ATA Inferno – 98.4964 (BUTBT)
  5. [TIE] The Stingray All Stars Wave – 98.4783 (Spirit Cheer)
  6. [TIE] Stars Vipers San Antonio Pythons – 98.4783 (JF San Antonio)
  7. Stars Vipers San Antonio Rattler Reign – 98.3333 (JF San Antonio)
  8. A-Towne Athletics Elite Vybe – 98.3167 (BUTBT)
  9. Celebrity Cheer VOGUE – 98.1884 (CS Oaks)
  10. Showtime Elite Atlanta The Runaways – 98.1333 (Aloha Gatlinburg)
  11. Delta Force Athletics Valor – 98.1 (BUTBT)
  12. Designer Athletics: FEND1 – 98.0958 (BUTBT)
  13. Davis Allstar Gym Inc Dream – 98.0458 (Spirit Cheer)
  14. Cheer Nation Athletics J-Switch – 98.0434 (BUTBT)

Top 10 Worlds-Division Scores From Worlds Bid Competitions

* Only includes competitions using the United Scoring System

  1. Cheer Extreme – Raleigh Code Black – 97.8601 (BUTBT)
  2. Cheer Extreme – Raleigh SSX – 97.4333 (BUTBT)
  3. ATA GeneSIX – 97.3125 (BUTBT)
  4. The Stingray All Stars Electric – 97.2792 (BUTBT)
  5. GymTyme Illinois Fever (At Large) – 97.2 (NC)
  6. ICE Thunder – 96.7542 (NC)
  7. Cheer Athletics – Pittsburgh SteelCats – 96.6 (BUTBT)
  8. Top Gun All Stars TGLC – 96.58 (CL)
  9. Cheer Extreme – Raleigh SMOEX – 96.5333 (BUTBT)
  10. The Stingray All Stars Orange – 96.4208 (BUTBT)

The Bid Leaderboards

More than 300 bids were awarded to The Summit end-of-season events. You can find all of them here

🏔Summit Bid Leaderboard:

  • 7 The Stingray All Stars
  • 6 ATA 
  • 5 GymTyme Illinois
  • 5 ICE
  • 4 Bullitt Athletics
  • 4 Cheer Athletics – Rochester
  • 4 Inspire Athletics
  • 4 Stars Vipers San Antonio
  • Find all Summit Bids here

🌋D2 Summit Bid Leaderboard:

🗻Youth Summit Bid Leaderboard

⛰Regional Summit Bid Leaderboard (Partial Paid/Paid Only)

💃Dance Summit Bid Leaderboard

Battle Under the Big Top 2023

Battle Under the Big Top took place in Atlanta, Georgia. It was the first two-day Worlds bid event for more than 25 teams, and these teams delivered. Three teams won Full Paid bids, and 9 won At-Large bids to The Cheerleading Worlds 2024. You can find the the results, including scores and bid winners here

Hit Zero Stats

  • Day 1: 19% (5 of 26 teams Hit Zero)
  • Day 2: 38% (10 of 26 teams Hit Zero) 
  • Cheer Athletics SteelCats and Cheer Extreme SSX were the only Worlds-division teams to Hit Zero on both days one and two. 

Our Four Favorite Performances 

Cheer Extreme Code Black

Code Black’s routine is a work of art, and their day two performance left us speechless. It’s one thing to have a well-done routine but another to execute it flawlessly. Every section is fast, flashy, and fun. And as soon as it ended, we wanted to see it again. Code Black continuously raised the bar last season, and there are no signs of stopping now.

Cheer Extreme SSX

The Sharkies are a fan favorite every season, perhaps because they hit the ground running at full speed. Not only was SSX one of the only two Worlds teams to Hit Zero both days, but they were also the highest All-Girl score with a whopping 97.4333. Their routine highlights every athlete and perfectly blends performance and hard-hitting skills. 

The Stingray All Stars Electric

The Electric Rays stay PLUGGED IN. Electric is back to fight for a World Champion title, and they are full throttle. Their day two zero-deduction performance epitomizes the Stingrays style – clean with effortless transitions. It’s fun to watch athletes who love what they’re doing, and you can see it (even if you’re watching from a livestream). It’s a 10/10 for us. 


One of our favorite parts about early-season competitions are the surprise performances. GeneSIX did not come to PLAY this weekend. Their day two performance was POWERFUL, and their fans were CRAZY (shoutout to the girl screaming in the live stream mic). Small Coed has seen a resurgence of teams this season due to the age grid changes, and GeneSIX is keeping things interesting! We see that 97.3125! 

Nation's Choice Grand Nationals 2023

Nation’s Choice Grand Nationals occurred December 9-10, 2023, in Wisconsin. They awarded two Full Paid bids and four at-large bids to The Cheerleading Worlds 2024. You can find the final results, including scores and bid winners here

Hit Zero Stats

  • Day 1: 29% (2 of 7 teams Hit Zero)
  • Day 2: 43% (3 of 7 teams Hit Zero)
  • GymTyme Fever is the only Worlds-division team to Hit Zero on both days. 

Our Two Favorite Performances

ICE Thunder

Thunder entered this season with a BOOM at Nation’s Choice. Both of their performances were powerful, clean, and everything we’ve come to expect from them. Their score landed them in the top ten Worlds team score list from this weekend and for good reason. We’re excited to what they have in store for the rest of the season. 

GymTyme Illinois Fever

Someon call the doctor cause Fever is SICK! The reigning World Champions put out two strong routines this weekend, right after competing at WSF Grand Nationals last weekend. It paid off, literally, with a Full Paid bid to Worlds. 

GMCE Royal Rumble 2023

GMCE Royal Rumble 2023 took place in Ohio this past weekend. You can find the bid winners and available scores here

Full Paid

  • Top Gun Pittsburgh Supermodels – Small Senior 6
  • Stingray Allstars Ohio Blue Angels – Medium Senior 6
  • ICE Blackout – Small Senior Coed 6

At Large

  • CheerVille Aftermath – International Open Non-Tumbling Coed 6
  • ICE Golden Girls – Extra Small 6
  • Charlotte Allstars Teal – Limited Extra Small Coed 6
  • Top Gun All Stars GLOC 6 – International Global Coed 6
  • Step 1Allstars North Phenomenal – Limited Extra Small Coed 6
  • Top Gun Ohio Royal Jags – Small Senior Coed 6
  • Buffalo Envy All Stars Envy Elite – Limited Small Senior 6
  • Luxe Athletics Lady Legends – Limited Small Senior 6
  • Stingray Allstars Ohio Phantom – Small Senior Coed 6

Cheer America Cheer Bowl 2023

Cheer America’s Worlds Bid event took place December 9-10, 2023 in Houston, Texas. They awarded two full paid bids and three at-large bids to The Cheerleading Worlds. You can find the final results and scores here

Full Paid

  • Woodlands Elite Black Ops – Small Senior Coed 6
  • Woodlands Elite Gunsmoke – Medium Senior Coed 6

At Large

  • All-Star Revolution FREEDOM – Limited Extra Small 6
  • Prodigy All Stars NightlighT – International U18 Non-Tumbling 6
  • Prodigy All Stars Starlight – Extra Small 6

Champions League Tampa 2023

Champions League Tampa 2023 took place in Tampa, Florida, on December 9-10, 2023. You can find the Cheerleading Worlds bid winners and final scores here.

Full Paid

  • Top Gun All Stars TGLC – Large Coed 6

At Large

  • Cheer Florida Sea Warriors – Limited Extra Small 6
  • Infinity Allstars Royals – Limited Extra Small 6
  • Cheer Express Allstars Miss Silver – Limited Extra Small 6

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