Another crazy weekend of cheer has come to a close. The MAJORS, one of the most popular competitions of the season, took place on Friday, January 20th in Indianapolis, IN. After the MAJORS, there were three Worlds bid events across the country. JAMfest Super Nationals in Indiana, Mardi Gras Nationals in New Orleans, and Platinum Championships in Providence, RI.

There were also several Summit and D2 Summit bids across the country, we have those results below as well.

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New this week, we want to showcase teams and their routines from the weekend that stood out to us as going above and beyond.

Our Favorite Routines of The Weekend

Cheer Athletics Royal Cats

Cheer Athletics Royal Cats have had an incredible few weeks. They won Spirit of Hope last weekend in a division out of ten and this weekend they won JAMfest in a division of 16. We can’t find their video from JAMfest, but here is their video from Spirit of Hope.

Prodigy All Stars Midnight

Prodigy All Stars Midnight competed Friday night at The MAJORS and then went on to have two more nearly perfect routines in New Orleans, which got them their full paid bid to Worlds. Prodigy Midnight has been on our radar since the beginning of the season and they continue to exceed our expectations.

Florida Top Dog Rain

Florida Top Dog Rain received their full paid bid this weekend after putting on a fantastic performance. They have an exciting routine filled with seamless transitions. Come Worlds, we think they’ll remain a serious contender. Check out their video below.

Cheer Express Miss Silver

This small senior 5 team from Florida performed two hit routines this weekend at JAMfest, which landed them first place and full paid bid to Worlds. They have an exciting routine with fun entries into stunts and creative dismounts. Small senior is one of those divisions where the “faves” are chosen long before the season starts, but these Silver ladies look like they could shake things up this year. We currently can’t find their video on YouTube, but you can view it on Varsity TV here.


23 of cheerleading’s best teams competed head-to-head in this one-night competition. There were so many hits and amazing performances that, honestly, it was a dream. Small senior took home the MAJORS’ newest award, “Most Competitive Division.” There was only one deduction in the entire division, #iconic. Find The MAJORS results, scores, and all 23 videos here.

JAMfest Super Nationals

JAMfest Super Nationals took place in Indianapolis, IN after The MAJORS. They awarded five full paid bids and ten at-large bids. There were many, many level 5 teams here this weekend. Super Nationals has long been one of the most popular Worlds bid events in the Midwest. You can find the Worlds bid winners and division results here.

Mardi Gras Nationals

Mardi Gras Nationals took place in New Orleans, LA. They awarded two full paid bids and four at-large bids to the Cheerleading Worlds. You can see the Worlds bid winners here.

Athletic Championship Platinum Nationals

Athletic Championship Platinum Nationals took place in Providence, RI. They awarded three paid bids and six at-large bids. You can see the Worlds bid winners and results here.

Awarded Bids

We’re tracking all bids all season long. Find them below.

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Summit Bids 

D2 Summit Bids