It was a relatively calm weekend in the cheer world last weekend with only one Worlds bid event. Battle at the Capitol awarded 3 full paid bids and 6 at-large bids to Worlds. There were various other events over the weekend as teams prepare for some of the largest nationals in the country.

Battle at the Capitol 2017

Battle at the Capitol awarded 9 Worlds bids and we saw some fantastic performances from teams in several divisions. We’re starting to see some pretty consistent routines from certain teams and people are starting to notice. Check out the full results and videos here. 

Congrats to CJA Team Gunz on winning Grand Champs!

Awarded Bids

We’re tracking all bids all season long. Find them below.

Worlds Bids

Summit Bids 

D2 Summit Bids

Next Weekend

Next weekend is one of the biggest of the season. We’re ready to give you the exclusive scoop from JAMZ Nationals and regular coverage from CheerSport Nationals and Cheer Bowl. Bookmark the pages below!

JAMZ Nationals 2017

CheerSport Nationals 2017

Cheer Bowl 2017