Oh girl, it was a BUSY weekend in cheer land. The social media streams are filled, the YouTube is popping, and it was an incredible weekend of cheerleading. There were three major Worlds bid events across the country this weekend. 48 Worlds bids, 51 Summit Bids, and 51 D2 Summit Bids were awarded. Links to everything below!

Our Favorite Performances of the Weekend

Top Gun TGLC – CheerSport

So cliché to include Top Gun, but this routine was absolutely insane and received a score over 98 on day 2. Insane.

ACE Warriors – CheerSport

Ace Warriors aren’t new to the scene by any means, but both their day 1 and day 2 performances at CheerSport were electrifying. Now they’re on everyone’s radar. #Push

Stingray All Stars Orange – CheerSport

Orange pulled off two HIT performances this weekend and we can now squash all that talk about them not being a 2 day team. Eye roll.

Desert Storm Elite Rage – JAMZ

Easily one of the best performances we saw at JAMZ in Las Vegas this weekend. Congrats on the full paid bid, y’all!

JAMZ Nationals

JAMZ Nationals took place in Las Vegas, Nevada where teams from across the country went head-to-head to compete for 4 full paid bids and 8 at-large bids. We have results, videos, and scores here.

CheerSport Nationals

One of the largest and most popular events of the season attracted more than 75 Worlds level teams competed for a chance to win one of 8 full paid bids or 16 at-large bids. It was an intense weekend filled with an incredible amount of talent. Also Top Gun had a nearly perfect score on Day 2. Totally casual.

We have bid winners and results for all Worlds divisions with scores. Videos coming soon.

Cheer America

Cheer America Cheer Bowl took place in Houston, Texas where Texas’ biggest and baddest competed for one of 3 full paid bids or 6 at-large bids. We have the bid winners and Worlds division. Videos to come! 

Awarded Bids

We’re tracking all bids all season long. Find them below.

Worlds Bids

Summit Bids 

D2 Summit Bids