We just wrapped up one of the biggest weekends of the season with NCA in Dallas and COA in Columbus. 33 Worlds bids were awarded at these two events, 11 paid and 22 at-large. NCA snatched up most of the attention this weekend as the country’s most popular teams went head-to-head in the arena. We watched and live-tweeted NCA as some of the season’s most iconic moments were created. It was an incredible weekend, to say the least. Summit and D2 Summit bids were also awarded across the country, find links to our updated lists below.

We’re not listing our favorite routines of the weekend this week. We have something else planned for later this week. 🙂

NCA Nationals 2017

NCA Nationals took place in Dallas, Texas where we got to see some of our favorite teams compete in the arena. More than 140 teams competed in 11 divisions for their shot at a National Champion jacket. While not everyone went home a winner, there were countless amazing routines that we’ll be binge-watching for the next few weeks. They also awarded a whopping 24 Worlds bids, 8 full paid and 16 at-large bids. See results and videos for NCA 2017 here.

COA Midwest 2017

COA Midwest took place in Columbus, Ohio. They awarded 9 Worlds bids, 3 full paid and 6 at-large. GymTyme Platinum, Rain Athletics Aqua, and Cheer St. Louis ArchAngels took home the full paid bids and will represent COA in April. See who won the at-large bids and division results for COA here.

Awarded Bids

We’re tracking all bids all season long. Find them below.

Worlds Bids

Summit Bids 

D2 Summit Bids