Weekend Review

February 21, 2024

What Happens in Vegas Ends Up On CheerTheory

GIANT. NATIONALS. SEASON. IS. HERE. CHEERSPORT Nationals 2024 and JAMZ Nationals 2024 took place over the weekend, and we saw A LOT of cheerleading. And not just a lot of cheerleading – a lot of GREAT cheerleading. It was a good preview of what we can expect at NCA Nationals 2024 in just over a week, and for that, we are EXCITED. But for now, let’s focus on what happened last weekend. You can find the week’s top scores, bid leaderboards, hit zero stats, and our favorite performances from both competitions. Scroll below to see it all! 

The Top Scores of the Week

98+ Scoring Routines at Varsity All Star Competitions

Final Event Scores only

  1. Cheer Athletics – Pittsburgh TitaniumCats – 98.9333 – L2 Junior (CSG-OH)
  2. Rival Athletics Revenge – 98.8667 – L4 Junior – Small – B (CS)
  3. Cheer Express Allstars Red Reign – 98.8125 – L2 Junior – Medium – B (CS)
  4. Dream Athletics Blackout – 98.6333 – L4 Senior Coed – D2 – Small – A (CS)
  5. [TIE for 5th] Rain Athletics Downpour – 98.5667 – L4 Senior – Small – B (CS)
  6. [TIE for 5th] TAI Arctic5 – 98.5667 – L5 Senior – D2 – Small – B (CS)
  7. Star Athletics ATL Hype – 98.5333 – L2 Junior – Medium – B (CS)
  8. Tech Cheer Bullets – 98.5167 – L3 Junior (NCA-SM)
  9. The Stingray Allstars Lime – 98.4167 – L3 Senior – Medium (CS)
  10. Designer Athletics FEND1 – 98.3515 – L1 Junior – Small – C (CS)
  11. New Jersey Spirit Explosion 5 Star – 98.3333 – L5 Senior (En-Ph)
  12. San Antonio Spirit Team Pink – 98.3 – L4 Senior – D2 – Small – B (CS)
  13. United Elite Cheer RIOT – 98.2833 – L3 Junior – D2 (SS-D)
  14. TAI Black Ice – 98.25 – L2 Youth – D2 – Small – B (CS)
  15. RAMS All Stars INFERNO – 98.2167 – L3 Senior – D2 – Small – A (CS)
  16. Pro Scouts Pro Ops – 98.2 – L3 Senior Coed – D2 (NCA-SM)
  17. A-Towne Athletics Elite Sapphires – 98.1833 – L2 Junior – Small – B (CS)
  18. WIDC HAILSTORM – 98.1542 – L2 Senior – D2 – Small – C (CS)
  19. Phoenix Elite Fury – 98.1333 – L3 Junior (SU-G)
  20. South Jersey Storm Halo – 98.1 – L3 Youth (En-Ph)
  21. Carolina Spirit Athletics Lady Sharks – 98.0792 – L3 Senior – D2 – Small – C (CS)
  22. [TIE for 22nd] South Coast Cheer Fearless – 98.0667 – L6 Senior – XSmall (CS)
  23. [TIE for 22nd] CheerVille OH Hook – 98.0667 – L2 Youth (CSG-OH)
  24. Cayla’s Stars Double X – 98.0667 – L3 Junior (JF-Ev)
  25. [TIE for 25th] Rival Athletics Carnage – 98.05 – L3 Senior Coed – Medium (CS)
  26. [TIE for 25th] Brandon All-Stars Senior Black – 98.05 – L6 Senior Coed – Small (CS)
  27. Top Gun All Stars 24k – 98.0291 – L4 Senior Coed – Medium (CS)
  28. Reign Athletics Frost – 98 – L2 Youth (En-Ph)

Top 10 Worlds-Division Scores From Worlds Bid Competitions

All scores are from CHEERSPORT Nationals 2024

  1. South Coast Cheer Fearless – 98.0667
  2. Brandon All-Stars Senior Black – 98.05
  3. Spirit of Texas Royalty – 97.7167
  4. The Stingray All Stars Electric – 97.6667
  5. Brandon All-Stars Legacy – 97.3334
  6. The Stingray All Stars Orange – 97.3292
  7. Cheer Express Allstars Miss Silver – 97.3292
  8. Cheer Extreme Lady Lux – 97.3125
  9. Cheer Athletics – Plano Panthers – 97.2792
  10. Twist & Shout Tulsa Diamonds – 97.0667

The Bid Leaderboards

Event producers awarded more than 200 bids to The Summit and Cheerleading Worlds end-of-season events. You can find all of them here

🏔Summit Bid Leaderboard:

🌋D2 Summit Bid Leaderboard:

🗻Youth Summit Bid Leaderboard

⛰Regional Summit Bid Leaderboard (Partial Paid/Paid Only)

🎟️Recreational Summit Bid Leaderboard

💃Dance Summit Bid Leaderboard

CHEERSPORT Nationals 2024 took place February 17-18, 2024, in Atlanta, Georgia. CHEERSPORT set a new record for the largest cheerleading competition in the World, surpassing NCA All-Star Nationals’ 2023 record. 118 Cheerleading Worlds division took the stage, and we saw some of the most routines cheerleading of the season. Medium Coed, Large Senior, and Large Coed turned it out this weekend, and we cannot WAIT until NCA. You can find the bid winners and final scores for all level six teams here.

Hit Zero Stats

  • Day 1: 31.4% (37 out of 118 teams) 
  • Day 2: 33.9% (40 out of 118 teams) 
  • 13 teams Hit Zero on both days!
    • Brandon All-Stars Legacy
    • Brandon All-Stars Senior Black
    • Cheer Extreme – Raleigh Cougars
    • Dream Athletics Havoc
    • Extreme All Stars Lvl X
    • Macs Allstar Cheer SENIOR STARZ
    • Savannah Sharks Relentless
    • South Coast Cheer Fearless
    • Spirit of Texas Royalty
    • The Stingray All Stars Electric
    • The Stingray All Stars Steel
    • Twist & Shout Tulsa Diamonds
    • Woodlands Elite – OR G I Janes

Our Favorite Performances

Spirit of Texas Royalty

Literally everything cheerleading should be. No notes. 

South Coast Cheer Fearless 

The consistency is unbelievable. Ten out of ten – Grand Champs for the win. 

Stingray All Stars Orange

The day two performance hit left us speechless. I GOT 99 PROBLEMS, BUT AN ORANGE HIT AIN’T ONE. 

Cheer Athletics Panthers

An incredible weekend for Panthers. Their Friday Night Lights performance left us gasping for air. Everything. 

Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

Cheeatahs’ day one performance had us READY to sign up for the band. That HIT was everything we needed and more. The energy was unreal. 

Cheer Florida All Stars Sea Warriors

Sea Warriors’ dance and the mix are giving what they need to give. 

Brandon Senior Black

To call BSB’s rewinds textbook would be an understatement. CHEERSPORT Champs again and again and again and again. 

JAMZ Nationals 2024 took place February 18-19, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada! We spent the weekend with our friends at JAMZ watching some of the most exciting teams on the West Coast. New for this year, we shared the scores for all teams and divisions. You can find all of the scores and bid winners from JAMZ DI Nationals 2024 here and JAMZ DII Nationals 2024 here. And you can find videos of Worlds division teams on our Twitter/X

Hit Zero Stats

  • Day 1: 15.4% (4 out of 26 teams)
  • Day 2: 7.7% (2 out of 26 teams) 
  • California Pride Big Bang was the only team that hit zero on both days! 

Our Favorite Performances

California Pride Big Bang

California Pride Big Bang put on two SOLID performances at JAMZ, and they have two hit zeroes to prove it. Big Bang is so clean, and they are a true competitor in the International Open Non-Tumbling Coed 6 division. 

CheerForce Nfinity 

CheerForce Nfinity is back, and after only being a team again for a couple of weeks, they confidently took the stage and went home with a Full Paid bid to Worlds. And that is some of the best choreography of the season. GREEN. GANG. GET. LIT. 

Fierce Tigerettes

The reigning World Champions are here to stay, and their performances went OFF on the JAMZ stage. Their routine is exciting, and they can perform with the best of them. We can’t wait to see them take on the rest of the season. 

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