It was another busy weekend of allstar cheerleading for hundreds of teams across the country. It started early on Friday with The Cheer Alliance Championship play-in round and ended late that night with finals. Then, a majority of teams from Cheer Alliance either competed at WSF or traveled to another bid event in either Atlanta, Georgia or Dallas, Texas. That’s a whole lot of cheerleading for one weekend – and we saw some amazing performances.

Below you’ll find all the major happenings of the weekending including Cheerleading Worlds Bids, Summit Bids, WSF, BUTBT, and Spirit Celebration results and our top picks for the weekend. 

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Our Top Picks of the Weekend 

Rain Athletics Aqua – Small Senior 5 

Rain Athletics Aqua stole the crowd’s heart at Cheer Alliance when they were the only team to hit the entire evening. And not only did they hit at Cheer Alliance, they went on to hit two more times at WSF which landed them in second place in the Small Senior 5 division and won them a bid to worlds. 

Their routine is beautifully choreographed and does a really nice job at highlighting their skills. Their stunt features a full up immediate stretch – immediate double tick tock which then transitions to a pyramid skill. It’s a super unique way to combine elements and mix things up a bit. We’re pumped to watch them throughout the season. 

Cheer Extreme SSX – Small Senior 5

The Sharkies of SSX won their full paid bid to Worlds this past weekend and after you see this performance you’ll understand why. Every part of their routine hits hard. Their stunts didn’t bobble or sway – just a 5,6,7,8 HIT. SSX always takes the floor with a strong sense of confidence and this routine is truly fantastic. 

Woodlands Elite GI Janes – Medium Senior 5 

Woodlands Elite GI Janes are currently undefeated and have proved themselves against some of cheerleading’s most talented teams. Medium Senior 5 continues to be a division that surprises and delights us with new competitive teams each year. GI Janes won both Cheer Alliance on Friday, and also took home the top spot at WSF. Their routine features some beautiful baskets, choreography, and one to fulls.


Cheerleading Worlds Bids

27 Cheerleading Worlds bids were awarded at 3 events this weekend. 9 were full paid and 18 were at-large. 

Programs who took home more then one bid included: 

  • Cheer Athletics: 5 
  • Cheer Extreme: 4
  • Central Jersey All Stars: 2 
  • Maryland Twisters: 2

You can see all the Cheerleading Worlds bid winners so far here. 

Summit and D2 Summit Bids 

Hundreds of teams competed across the country this weekend for their shot at a Summit or D2 Summit bid. 74 D2 Summit bids were awarded and 94 Summit bids were awarded. 

The Cheer Alliance Championship

The second annual Cheer Alliance Championship took place in Louisville, KY on Friday before WSF’s National Championship. It was the first time that some of the most well-known teams competed against one another and it was, uh, interesting. Most teams are still working out the kinks of their routine and it takes time to make every skill hit. Cheerleading is difficult, and hitting a routine in December against your biggest competitors is even harder. As the season progresses, we’ll see more hits and close competition. 

Cheer Athletics Cheetahs won Grand Champions and coed high point and Cheer Athletics Panthers won the all-girl high point. 

See The Cheer Alliance Championship’s final results here.


WSF awarded 4 full paid bids and 8 at-large bids. Many of the teams who competed at Cheer Alliance stayed in Lousiville for the weekend to compete for a bid. We saw incredible performances from teams across the board, and even saw three hits from the Large Senior 5 teams in finals back to back to back. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching three amazing teams hit. 

Full Paid Bid Winners:

  • Maryland Twisters Reign 
  • Maryland Twisters F5 
  • CJA Bombshells 
  • Top Gun Large Coed 5

At-Large Bid Winners:

  • Rain Athletics Aqua 
  • World Cup Shooting Stars 
  • Cheer Extreme Senior Elite 
  • Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz 
  • Cheer Extreme Coed Elite 
  • Cheer Athletics Columbus ZeusCats
  • Stingray All Stars Electric 
  • Indiana Ultimate Insanity

Full Worlds division WSF results, click here.

Battle Under the Big Top

Full Paid

  • Cheer Extreme SSX
  • Cheer Extreme SMOEX 


  • Cheer Savannah Lady Lace
  • Georgia Heat Black Ice
  • ACE Thunderbirds
  • Pro Cheer Eagles

Full Worlds division BUTBT results, click here.

Spirit Celebration

Full Paid

  • Cheer Athletics Panthers
  • Cheer Athletics Cheetahs 
  • Cheer Athletics Wildcats

At Large

  • Cheer Athletics Swooshcats 
  • Champion Cheer Heat 
  • Cheer Station Flyers 
  • Luxe Cheer Lady Legends 
  • SoCo Intensity Inspire 
  • Stars Vipers Medusa 

Full Worlds division Spirit Celebration results, click here.

Other Performances You Should See 

First Look at Fame Super Seniors Medium Senior 5

Next Weekend

  • American Grand Las Vegas, Nevada (3 full paid, 6 at-large)
  • GMCE Royal Rumble – Columbus, Ohio (2 full paid, 4 at-large)

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