It’s already Weekend Review #21 and it was relatively calm with only one bid event. GMCE Royal Rumble took place in Richmond, KY where they awarded 2 full paid bids and 4 at-large bids. We also popped over to Encore San Diego on day 1 to get a few videos of our favorite West Coast teams. On the East Coast, Spirit Sports held one of their signature events in Myrtle Beach, SC, the Ultimate Battle where teams competed for their shot at cash prizes. See results, bid winners, and videos below.

Featured image courtesy of @gomarky.

GMCE Royal Rumble

GMCE awarded 2 full paid and 4 at-large bids to the Cheerleading Worlds. Midwest teams dueled it out and you can find the winners and division results here.

Encore San Diego

Encore San Diego had just a handful of level 5 and 6 teams, but they happened to be some of our faves. See videos of California All Stars Lady Bullets, Sparkle, Reckless and CheerForce Nfinity and Blackout here.

Spirit Sports Ultimate Battle

Spirit Sports Ultimate Battle took place on Friday, March 24, 2017, before Battle at the Beach. Here’s who took home the cold hard cash.

Awarded Bids

We’re tracking all bids all season long. Find them below.

Worlds Bids

Summit Bids 

D2 Summit Bids

Ultimate Battle Winners 2017

$2,000 Famous Superstars Gold

$2,000 Cheer Athletics Royalcats

$4,000 ACX Kat Daddies

$4,000 Rockstar Cheer Rolling Stones

$6,000 East Celebrity Elite C5

$6,000 Central Jersey Allstars Bombshells

$8,000 Cheer Extreme Cougars

$8,000 Rockstar Cheer Beatles

$10,000 East Celebrity Elite M5

Various Videos

East Celebrity Elite M5

Rockstar Cheer Beatles

CJA Team Gunz

CJA Bombshells

East Celebrity Elite C5