The last competition weekend of 2017 is already in the books. There were two Cheerleading Worlds bid competitions that awarded 15 bids. We’re about to go on a two-week break before we go head into Nationals season, and before we know it, we’ll be back in Orlando! Kidding, we still have some time before that happens :). 

We’re on a three-week break until the competition season starts back up on January 6th, 2017. We have a few things brewing in the oven to get you through this break with no new cheerleading, so don’t you worry! 

In this weekend review:

  • Top picks of the weekend 
  • Cheerleading Worlds Bids
  • Summit and D2 Summit Bids
  • The American Grand 2017 results 
  • GMCE Royal Rumble 2017 results 
  • Cheerleading Resources


Our Weekend Top Picks

California All Stars Aces 

The California Allstars ACES switched divisions this year (Medium Senior 5 to International Open Small Coed 5), but it’s clear they’re still the same iconic team. ACES get our top pick of the weekend after giving us a solid performance day 1 and a goosebump-worthy performance day 2. It was seriously fantastic. What happens in Vegas? ACES HIT.

Five Star Athletics Dream 

Five Star Athletics Dream is an Extra Small Coed 5 team we’ve had our eyes on since the beginning of the season. They performed two great routines at The American Grand and really showed what an Extra Small Coed team is capable of. With great choreography and routine structure, they are able to highlight their skills and really shine.

Cheerleading Worlds Bids 

18 bids to the Cheerleading Worlds were awarded over the week. 15 were teams from the United States and 3 were from Canada. 

See all Cheerleading Worlds bids here. 

Summit and D2 Summit Bids

38 Summit bids, 41 D2 Summit bids, and 1 International Summit bid was awarded this past weekend. 

See Summit bids here. 

See D2 Summit bids here. 

The American Grand – Las Vegas

Full Paid 

  • California All Stars Midnight
  • California All Stars ACES 
  • Utah Fusion Inferno 

At Large

  • California All Stars Lady Bullets
  • Pacific Coast Magic Fantasy – Small Senior 5
  • California All Stars Sparkle – International Open 5 
  • Five Star Athletics Dream – Extra Small Coed 5 
  • Desert Storm Elite Rage – Small Senior Coed 5 
  • California All Stars Rangers – International Open Large Coed 6

GMCE Royal Rumble – Columbus, Ohio

Full Paid

  • Platinum Athletics Onyx – Small Coed 5
  • Indiana Elite Black Reign – Extra Small Senior 5


  • Midwest Cheer Elite Wildfire – Small International Open Coed 5 
  • Legacy Xtreme Boomslang – Small International Open Coed 5 
  • Cheer Athletics RoyalCats – Small Coed 5
  • Maine Stars X5 – Extra Small Coed 5 

More Cheerleading Resources: