Hello cheerleading world, we hope you enjoyed your 3-week break from all the flips and tricks and enjoyed some downtime. And now, it’s time to go full speed ahead into the rest of the season.

We eased our back into the 2017-2018 season with one Cheerleading Worlds bid event and a handful of Summit and D2 Summit bid events. Below, you’ll find updates from ECC’s Big Bid Event, Worlds bids, Summit bids, and D2 Summit bids. 


Our Weekend Top Picks

ACE Warriors

ACE Warriors won a full paid bid to the Cheerleading Worlds this past weekend with a fun, action-packed routine. There’s nothing better than watching the energy of a team increase throughout the routine. Watch as they make their way to the dance, you can feel the excitement radiating from their faces. 

Lexi Goodman Slaying Wildcats’ Stunt

No one could describe this stunt as anything but perfect. The body lines, the strength, and the poise of the bases all make for one amazing video.


W I L D C A T S ? @tuckerhunter @robbycarmichael

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Cheerleading Worlds Bids

Two full paid bids and four at large bids were awarded this past weekend. 

Find all of the Cheerleading Worlds bid winners here.

Summit and D2 Summit Bids

37 Summit bids and 38 D2 Summit bids were awarded this weekend at a handful of different events across the country. 

Summit bid weekend leaders: 

  • ACE Cheer Company 3
  • All Star Revolution 3
  • Planet Spirt 3
  • Gravity Cheer 2
  • INFiNiTi Athletics 2
  • Midwest Cheer Elite 2
  • Rockstar Cheer 2
  • Stars Vipers 2
  • Top Gun All Stars 2
  • Woodlands Elite 2

See all the Summit bid winners here. 

D2 Summit bid weekend leaders: 

  • TAI 4
  • Cheer Xcel 3
  • Cheer Zone 2
  • Elite Cheer Company 2
  • Maine Stars 2

See all the D2 Summit bid winners here. 

ECC Big Bid Event 2018

ECC’s Big Bid Event 2018 took place January 6-7, 2018 in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Full Paid

  • ACE Cheer Company Warriors – Large Senior Coed 5 
  • Twist & Shout Lady Eve – Small Senior 5 

At Large

  • Rockstar Cheer Atlanta Grateful Dead – International Open Large Coed 5 
  • ACE Cheer Company Chiefs – Large Senior 5 
  • River City All Stars Lady Sizzle – Extra Small Senior 5 
  • Cheer Omega Omicron – International Open Large Coed 5 

See all of the Senior Level 5 results here

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