We can now officially say the 2018 portion of the 2017-2018 season is in FULL SWING. With four Cheerleading Worlds bid events across the country and more than 190 Summit and D2 Summit bids awarded, there was a whole lot of cheerleading to get excited about. From a deduction-free, epic 20 minutes of cheerleading at GSSA to countless amazing performances at Spirit of Hope in North Carolina – we’re here to give you all the weekend highlights you need to know. 


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In this weekend update:

  • Our weekend top picks 
  • Cheerleading Worlds Bids 
  • Summit Bids 
  • D2 Summit Bids 
  • GSSA Championships 
  • Spirit of Hope 
  • Beast of the East
  • Mardi Gras Extravaganza 


Our Top Weekend Picks 

Cheer Extreme Senior Elite 

Cheer Extreme Senior Elite took the mat this weekend looking strong and focused. One thing to appreciate about a team like Senior Elite is that every foot, hand, and body position is a choreographed and uniform in their stunts. If you pay attention to any of their building structures, there’s literally not a count where a flyer doesn’t have a motion to execute. It’s all about the details. Their day two performance won them first place and a full paid bid to the Cheerleading Worlds.

Cheer Extreme SSX

SSX probably had the most buzzed about routine of the weekend. They had two epic performances at Spirit of Hope and cheer Twitter was li-ving for it. SSX’s routine is a perfect mixture of sass and pure skill that few other teams can pull off. It’s safe to say they’re on their way to being one of the most popular teams of the 2017-2018 season.

CJA Team Gunz

All we can say is clean clean clean clean clean clean. CJA Team Gunz consistently gets better every year (we’re big fans) and this season it feels like they’re taking it to a whole new level. They have some serious talent, and from the looks of it, they’re spending quite a bit of time getting all of the details right.

California All Stars Black Ops

Black Ops is one of those hard-hitting teams that doesn’t rely on super exaggerated motions and a lot of extra choreography to make a statement. Their routine is skill after skill after skill performed cleanly and done to a T. They took home a paid bid from GSSA with this phenomenal performance.

California All Stars SMOED

SMOED was out in full force this weekend. With three hit routines and a full paid bid to Worlds, they definitley caught some positive vibes. Their hard hit during Super Six was a ~pleasure~ to see in person and the energy radiated throughout the performance hall. It feels like the old SMOED is b a c k.

Cheerleading Worlds Bids 

39 bids to the Cheerleading Worlds were awarded at four events spread across the country. The California All Stars swooped up five bids, two full paid and three at large, followed by East Celebrity Elite who won three full paid bids over on the East Coast. 

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Summit and D2 Summit Bids

115 Summit bids and 76 D2 Summit bids were awarded this weekend. 

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The Summit Weekend Bid Leaders:

  • Cheer Extreme 6 
  • Elite Heat 6 
  • California All Stars 5 
  • Cheer Central Suns 5 
  • Natural Venom 5 
  • Stingray All Stars 5
  • Prodigy All Stars 4

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The D2 Summit Weekend Bid Leaders: 

  • Mississippi Spirit 4 
  • California Pride 3 
  • Davis All Stars 3

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GSSA was a TREAT this year. All 6 Worlds eligible teams who competed on Sunday night hit and put on zero deduction HIT performances that we are still buzzing about.

Full Paid Bids:

  • California All Stars SMOED 
  • California All Stars Black Ops 

At Large Bids

  • SCV All Stars X5
  • California All Stars Vixens
  • California All Stars Ghost Recon 
  • California All Stars Reckless

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Spirit of Hope 

Spirit of hope awarded five full paid bids and 10 at-large bids to the Cheerleading Worlds. 

Full Paid Bids

  • CJA Team Gunz 
  • Stingray All Stars Peach 
  • Rockstar Cheer Beatles 
  • Cheer Extreme Senior Elite 
  • Stingray All Stars Steel

At Large Bids

  • Jersey All Stars Villians
  • Greensboro Allstars Diamond Elite
  • Cheer Athletics Lady Legacy
  • ACX Lady Mafia
  • FCA Gems Diamonds
  • ACX Diamond Daddies
  • Pittsburgh Superstars Supermodels
  • FCA Gems Onyx
  • Cheer Extreme Cougar Coed
  • Premier Athletics Great White Sharks

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Beast of the East Winter Nationals 

Beast of the East awarded four full paid bids and eight at-large bids to the Cheerleading Worlds. 

Full Paid Bids

  • East Celebrity Elite C5
  • East Celebrity Elite Fame
  • Maryland Twisters Blackout
  • East Celebrity Elite Bombshells M5

At Large Bids

  • Cheer Factor X Factor 
  • Cheer Factor X Clusive
  • Maryland Twisters ICE
  • Cheer Intensity Lady Lions
  • Spirit Central Bengals
  • CEA Sanford Hail
  • Star Athletics Senior Red
  • Upper Merion All Stars Royals

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Mardi Gras Extravaganza 

Mardi Gras Extravaganza awarded two full paid bids and four at-large bids to the Cheerleading Worlds. 

Full Paid Bids

  • Prodigy All Stars Midnight 
  • Prodigy All Stars Blacklight

At Large Bids

  • Southern Elite Athletics Pride 5 
  • World Class Black Diamonds 
  • Tiger Elite Fierce 5 
  • Louisiana Cheer Force Gold

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