Showcase and competition season is in full swing and we had a full weekend leading up to Thanksgiving. This weekend’s hype award is going to World Cup Shooting Stars who came out the gates with a clean and crisp routine. We saw great performances from gyms across the country and it looks like we’re in store for one of the craziest seasons yet.

What’s Included This Week:

  1. Summit and D2 Summit Bids
  2. World Cup Showcase – Shooting Stars, Omni, Suns, and Odyssey
  3. Rain Athletics Showcase – Aqua
  4. Stingray Allstars – Peach and Apple
  5. ACE Cheer Company – Warriors and Lady Warriors
  6. Prodigy Allstars – Midnight
  7. Cheer Extreme – SSX and Passion
  8. ICE – Thunder and Radar
  9. Hot Cheer – Hot5
  10. Cheer Sport Sharks – Great White Sharks
  11. MACS – Sr. Starz

The Summit and D2 Summit

85 Summit and D2 Summit bids were awarded this past weekend.

World Cup Showcase

Shooting Stars – Large Senior 5

Omni – Medium Coed 5

Suns – Medium Senior 5

Odyssey – Small Coed

Rain Athletics

Aqua – Small Senior 5

Stingray Allstars

Peach – Medium Senior 5

Apple – Small Senior 5

ACE Cheer Company

Warriors – Large Senior Coed 5

Lady Warriors – Small Senior 5

Prodigy All Stars

Midnight – Small Coed 5


Platinum – Medium Coed 5

Cheer Extreme

SSX – Small Senior 5

Passion – Medium Senior 5


Thunder – Small Coed 5

Radar – Large Coed 5

Hot Cheer All Stars

Hot5 – Large Senior 5

Cheer Sport Sharks

Great White Sharks


SR. Starz Small Coed 5

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