Another busy allstar cheerleading weekend is in the books! We started the weekend early on Friday with The MAJORS, followed by four Cheerleading Worlds bid events which awarded 42 bids. Below you’ll find our top picks of the week, plus links to Cheerleading Worlds bid winners, Summit and D2 Summit bid winners, and links to the results for each Worlds bid competition. Enjoy. 


Our Top Picks of the Week:

Stingray Steel – Epic Technique = Effortless Performance

Stingray Steel’s opening features 11 coed tosses that looked literally effortless. And senior-level coed tosses do not always look effortless. From stunting to jumps to tumbling – their technique is on point and while we saw plenty of great routines this weekend – they’re taking the win in our book.

FAME Super Seniors – Best Surprise of the Weekend 

FAME Super Seniors (Medium Senior 5) competed at JAMfest day 1 and wowed us, and then they came out and hit on day 2 and floored us. This routine is something else, and it feels so fresh and new. We cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for them. (We couldn’t find a video from this weekend, but here is one from last weekend).

Rain Athletics Aqua – The Fan Favorite – Again

It’s not every season that we get to see a new team take center stage and win over people’s hearts. Rain Athletics Aqua has been on everyone’s mind since they competed at Cheer Alliance in December. They performed two more deduction routines at JAMfest, keeping their total deduction count for the season at a solid zero. Twitter lit up after both of their performances. Following their journey might just be our favorite thing this season. 

Twist & Shout Diamonds – Hardest HIT of the Weekend

Hey cheerUPDATES whatcha gonna tweet? You. Just. Hit. BAM! We saw Diamonds out in their truest form this weekend. Their one-night performance at The MAJORS was a treat and they looked phenomenal. Congrats on your MAJOR win and we’ll see you in Dallas. 

Louisiana Cheer Force Gold – Our Favorite Stunt

Louisiana Cheer Force Gold caught our eye late last year after they performed a split to ball-up 450 (ish) degree-up to immediate stretch at their showcase. Gold performed and hit that skill both day 1 and day 2 at JAMfest and it was awesome. 

No video 🙁 

Woodlands Elite Slayed All Weekend 

Generals won The Majors, Black Ops won JAMFEST, Recon won JAMfest and a full paid bid, GI Janes won a full paid bid, AND they took home six Summit bids. The Woodlands Elite army seems to be doing just fine. 

Cheerleading Worlds Bids

42 bids to the Cheerleading Worlds were awarded at four events this weekend – JAMfest, ATC, ASC, and Athletic Championships. 

See all of this weekend’s bid winners and previous bid winners here.

Summit and D2 Summit Bids

76 Summit Bids and 61 D2 Summit bids were awarded this weekend. 

The Summit Weekend Bid Leaders:

  • Top Gun 6
  • Woodlands Elite 6
  • Rockstar Cheer 5
  • Cheer Express Florida 3
  • East Celebrity Elite 3
  • Fame All Stars 3
  • Fierce All Stars 3
  • ICE All Stars 3

The D2 Summit Weekend Bid Leaders:

  • Northern Lights All Stars 4
  • Terre Haute Cheer University 4
  • Las Vegas Element 3

P.S. Our overall leaderboards will be up-to-date by Thursday, February 1, 2018.

Major Weekend Competitions – Results 

The MAJORS 2018 

JAMfest Super Nationals – Indianapolis, Indiana 

Athletic Championships – Providence, RI 

ASC Central National Finals – Oklahoma, OK

ATC International Championship – Bellevue, WA

Find All Past and Future Competition Results- Here