The latest weekend review is a tad light because of Thanksgiving. But no fret, Lousiana Cheer Force held their showcase on Sunday, November 27. While this weekend was pretty chill, next weekend is jam packed with three Worlds bid events and some high-profile showcases, but we’ll address that a bit later.

Louisiana Cheer Force

Gold – Small Senior Coed 5

Louisiana Cheer Force Gold put themselves on the map at Worlds 2014 when they won bronze in the Small Coed division. This year, they’re back with a solid, jam-packed routine. Their main stunt features five ball up 1 1/4 ups. Absolute insanity. Check out the video from cheerUPDATES below, the other pieces of their routine are on CU’s page.

Slate – Small International Open Coed 5

Lousiana Cheer Force’s second Worlds team also looks solid.

Next Weekend

We’re already looking forward to next weekend with some high profile events happening across the country:

  • Three Worlds bid events: one in Illinois, one in Kansas, and one in New Jersey
    • a bunch of fan-favorite teams will compete this weekend like Woodlands Elite and KC Cheer
  • Top Gun All Stars showcase where we’ll see Top Gun Large Coed, Lady Jags, and OO5
  • The Maryland Twisters Showcase where we’ll see all their level five teams F5 and Reign
  • We FINALLY get to see Stingray Allstars Orange for the first time

We’ll have all Worlds bid event results and as many videos as we can find. Bookmark it! It’ll be great, we promise you!

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