Let’s Begin With a Poem

Rose are red

Violets are blue

It was a crazy weekend

Now it’s time for a review!

Competition season is back and we are just the happiest of clams. Twitter is popping, the predictions are back, and we have a constant stream of videos to obsess over. This weekend was jam packed and we’re excited to start reporting on Worlds Bid and major competitions again. We saw knockout performances from every corner of the country (plus Canada!) and first performances from many of your faves.

Remember, you can see all awarded bids here and all competition updates for the season here.

Here’s Everything that Went Down this Weekend:

Team Champion’s Holiday Classic

This Worlds Bid event awarded three full paid bids and six at-large bids to the Cheerleading Worlds. You can find level five results and the Worlds Bid Winners here.

Standout performances included ICE Lady Lightning, ICE Thunder, and Ultimate Athletics Legacy, but honestly, this competition was jam-packed with talent.

Spirit National Championships

Spirit National Championships awarded two full paid bids and four at-large bids to the Cheerleading Worlds. You can find level five results and the Worlds Bid Winners here.

Our favorite performance came from Platinum Athletics Medium Senior 5, congrats on that full paid!

America’s Best National Championship

America’s Best National Championship took place in Kansas City, Missouri and they awarded two full paid bids and four at-large bids. You can find level five results and the Worlds Bid Winners here.

Standout performances included KC Cheer Fierce 5 and Cheer Central Suns Small Coed, congrats on those full paid bids y’all!

Top Gun All Stars 2016 Showcase

Okay, not only did Top Gun bless us with their always amazing routines, but they recorded all of their performances and put them on YouTube. Thank you to whoever decided that was a good idea. You’re the best. Okay, so let’s talk about Top Gun Large Coed and OO5 because they look incredible. OO5 pulls some voodoo magic in their pyramid, and TGLC has such an eye-pleasing routine. The rest of Top Gun’s program looked great too with solid performances from Angels and Lady Jags. Check out their YouTube channel here.

Top Gun Large Coed

Top Gun OO5

Maryland Twisters 2016 Showcase

The reigning World CHAMPS, Maryland Twisters F5, showed UP and gave us a show. Maryland Twisters has always been a powerhouse, and these past few years have shown that they’re not going anywhere. Not only did F5 have an incredible routine, Reign, Cobalt, and Blackout showed they’ve got something to offer too.

Maryland Twisters F5

Maryland Twisters Blackout (Small Coed 5)

Maryland Twisters Cobalt

Maryland Twisters Reign

Brandon Senior Black

We FINALLY got to see World Champ Brandon Senior Black this weekend.

Stingray Allstars Performances

This weekend we saw Stingray Allstars Orange for the first time this season and another look at Steel. Both of them are ready to protect their legacies in the large divisions.

Stingray Allstars Orange

Stingray Allstars Steel

World Cup Shooting Stars

World Cup Shooting Stars performed again last weekend and put on another production. They had an incredible showing at their showcase, which we wrote about here, and now they’ve performed another hitting routine. Something tells me these girls have been working on those stunts… a lot.

Cheer Athletics

Cheer Athletics took several of their teams to compete this weekend before their first bid event next weekend. We saw solid performances from all of your faves including Cheetahs, Panthers, and Wildcats. We see some full paid bids in their near future.

Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

Cheer Athletics Panthers

Cheer Athletics Wildcats

Summit and D2 Summit Bids

And of course, there were several Summit and D2 Summit bid events across the country. There were 54 D2 Summit Bids and 61 Summit Bids awarded over the weekend. Find out who won here:

Summit Bids

D2 Summit Bids

And that’s all she wrote. See you next week.

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