Another massive competition weekend is complete and the cheer hangover is settling in. There were four Worlds Bid competitions  that awarded 24 Worlds Bids were given out and 128 Summit and D2 Summit bid.

We also saw sneak peaks of East Celebrity Elite’s team who all look fantastic. All the results and updates from this weekend are below. Check it.

WSF Nationals – Louisville, Kentucky

WSF awarded 4 full paid bids and 8 at-large bids. We saw some pretty intense performances. Maryland Twisters Reign and CJA Team Gunz blew. me.away. I love these teams. SSX had an incredible competition with two back-to-back solid performances. We also got our first look at Green Bay Elite Lime’s full routine and Rain Athletics, that team we told you to look out for, took home 3rd in the intense small senior division. I’m telling y’all, keep your eye on them.

Check out the full results here – videos will be added this week.

Battle Under the Big Top – Atlanta, Georgia

Battle Under the Big Top had some of the biggest name teams under the same roof this weekend. They awarded 2 full paid bids and 4 at-large bids. Top Gun Large Coed came out on top in first place and snatched a full-paid bid. Stingray Orange pushed from 2nd to 1st to snag the other full-paid bid. TGLC, Orange, and Georgia All Stars Small Coed gave us everything we needed and more this weekend.

Check out the full results here – videos will be added this week.

GSSA – Los Angeles, California

At GSSA we saw two hit performances from Cali SMOED and Black Ops tear up the floor, which landed both of them full paid bids to Worlds. The 4 at-large bids were taken home by Oregon Dream Team Dream, CheerForce Exodus, Cali Ghost Recon, and Cali Reckless.

Check out the full results here – videos will be added this week.

Spirit Celebration Christmas Classic – Dallas, Texas

Spirit Celebration was pretty much a Cheer Athletics party, but Champion Cheer Heat gave us an incredible performance and those jumps are a m a z i n g . They awarded 2 full paid bids to Cheer Athletics Cheetahs and Wildcats and 4 at large bids to Cheer Athletics Swoosh Cats and Panthers, Champion Cheer Heat, and Cheer Station Flyers.

Check out the full results here – videos will be added this week.

East Celebrity Elite’s Showcase

East Celebrity Elite has some pretty strong Worlds teams this year. Medium all-girl, medium coed, small senior, and small coed all performed at their showcase this past weekend.

Here’s a video of M5 just absolutely crushing a ridiculous amount of standing fulls and toe fulls.

Summit and D2 Summit Bids

And of course, we have the list of all Summit and D2 Summit Bids which you can find at the respective links below. Don’t forget, we also have a master list of all Worlds bids too.

Summit Bids

D2 Summit Bids 

Worlds Bids

The End