This past weekend only had one Worlds bid event, but there were two other major events that took everyone’s attention. This felt like the first crazy cheer weekend of the season with multiple high-caliber events across the country. Find all the updates from this weekend below, including Summit and D2 Summit bids.


Cheer Alliance Championship

The country’s most popular teams went head-to-head in New York City at The Cheer Alliance Championship. We saw some incredible performances and the results shocked just about everyone. It’s fun to see a shake up in the typical results, but it’s even more fun to see Twitter react to it.

See the results and videos here.

American Grand Championships

American Grand Championships took place in Las Vegas and awarded three paid bids and six at-large bids. We saw incredible performances from Cali ACES, Lady Bullets, and Coed and PCM Resurrection. Cali pretty much swept the competition with three full-paid bids and two paid Summit bids.

See the results and videos here.

Champions League #4

Champions League four took place in Nashville where first, second, and third place were awarded $15k, $8k, and $5k respectively. Rockstar Beatles took home first place and performed a truly great routine.

See the results and videos here.

Weekend Bids

Worlds Bids 

Summit Bids

D2 Summit Bids