Weekend Review

January 17, 2024

All That Glitters is Chrome

It was a MAJOR weekend just about everywhere in the United States last weekend – from the college showdown at UCA College Nationals in Orlando to one of the most popular weekends for Allstar in Indianapolis at The MAJORS and JAMfest. We watched hundreds of performances, and we’re officially in the busy season – Bring It On 2024! Find our weekend leaderboards, bid updates, favorite performances of the weekend, and more below. 

The Top Scores of the Week

Top 10 Scoring Routines at Varsity All Star Competitions

* Final Event Scores only

  1. Cheer Xcel Purple Reign – 99.6376 (SOH) – L1 Senior D2
  2. York Elite All Stars Code Black – 99.366 (SOH) – L1 Juinior D2 Medium 
  3. Rain Athletics Brellas – 99.2333 (JAMfest) – L3 Junior Small C
  4. York Elite All Stars Lady Onyx – 99.1304 (SOH) – L1 Senior D2
  5. United Elite Cheer Riot – 98.875 (Cheer Power Cash Bash Showdown Galveston) – L3 Junior – D2 – Small
  6. Designer Athletics FEND1 – 98.8405 (SOH) – L1 Junior B
  7. CheerVille MJ Savage – 98.8167 (JAMfest) – L3 U16
  8. A-List Athletics Vanity – 98.75 (JAMfest) – L3 Junior – Small B
  9. Power House All Stars Godspeed – 98.6151 (Cheer Power Cash Bash Showdown Galveston) – L1 Junior
  10. Cheer Nation Athletics J-Switch – 98.587 (SOH) – L1 Junior D2 Small B

Top 10 Worlds-Division Scores From Worlds Bid Competitions

*All Top 10 Scores are from JAMfest Super Nationals 2024

  1. GymTyme All-Stars Chrome – 98.2667
  2. Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz (Full Paid) – 98.0625
  3. The Stingray All Stars Electric (At Large) – 97.825
  4. South Jersey Storm Celsius (Full Paid) – 97.4458
  5. Cheer Extreme – Raleigh Code Black (Full Paid) – 97.4078
  6. Tribe Cheer Phoenix (At Large) – 97.2834
  7. Cheer Athletics – Pittsburgh SteelCats (At Large) – 97.0125
  8. ICE Golden Girls (At Large) – 96.7
  9. Cheer Extreme Lady Lux – 96.6458
  10. Woodlands Elite – OR Gunsmoke (Full Paid) – 96.4875

The Bid Leaderboards

Event producers awarded 562 bids to The Summit end-of-season events. You can find all of them here

🏔Summit Bid Leaderboard:

  • 21 The Stingray All Stars
  • 8 Cheer Athletics
  • 8 Cheer Extreme
  • 8 The California All Stars
  • 7 East Celebrity Elite
  • 5 Spirit Central
  • Find all Summit Bids here

🌋D2 Summit Bid Leaderboard:

  • 4 PTC Allstars
  • 4 Showtime Athletics
  • 3 Empire Elite
  • 3 Extreme All Stars
  • 3 Intensity Athletics
  • 3 Ocala Athletix
  • 3 Pride of Illinois
  • 3 Spirit Too
  • 3 West Coast Fame Allstars Cheer
  • Find all D2 Summit Bids here

🗻Youth Summit Bid Leaderboard

⛰Regional Summit Bid Leaderboard (Partial Paid/Paid Only)

💃Dance Summit Bid Leaderboard

🌐Allstar World Championships Bid Leaderboard

  • 6 Blueprint Allstars
  • 6 Flyer Athletics Tyler
  • 5 Cheer for Life
  • 5 Odessa Extreme Allstars
  • 4 Cheer Athletics
  • 4 Gold Medal Gems
  • 4 Jerzey Jewelz
  • 4 TNT Cheer
  • Find all Allstar World Bids Here 

The MAJORS 2024 was a spectacle of cheerleading. Twenty-nine teams took the mat for this one-of-a-kind event, and it lived up to the hype. You can find the full results including raw scores, deductions, and final scores here

Hit Zero Stats

  • 10% (3 of 29 teams)
  • Congrats to Cheer Extreme SSX, The California All Stars Vixens, and South Coast Cheer Fearless for hitting Zero Deduction routines! 

Our Favorite Performances

Cheer Extreme SSX

SSX was by far and above our favorite performance of the evening. Their routine flows effortlessly, and when you add on their energy and confidence – it’s truly something special. That is all. 

Spirit of Texas Royalty

Spirit of Texas Royalty continues to amaze. Their visuals are something out of a cheer textbook, and their near-perfect MAJORS routine is something to CELEBRATE. More of THAT, please! 

Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

Senior Elite was not messing around on Friday. They took that MAJORS stage with CONFIDENCE and delivered a routine fitting for the final performance of the evening. It’s going to be an exciting year in Large Senior! 

JAMfest Super Nationals 2024 took place January 12-14, 2024, in Indianapolis, Indiana. JAMfest awarded six full paid bids and 18 at-large bids to The Cheerleading Worlds 2024. You can find the bid winners and complete results for Worlds-division teams here

Hit Zero Stats

  • Day 1: 18.8% (15 of 80 teams)
  • Day 2: 25.6% (20 of 78 teams)
  • Teams who Hit Zero on both days
    • Cheer Extreme – Chicago – PASSION
    • GymTyme Allstars Chrome
    • South Coast Cheer Savage
    • The Stingray All Stars Reloaded
    • The Stingray All Stars Blue Angels
    • Tribe Cheer Phoenix

Our Favorite Performances

GymTyme All Stars Chrome

GymTyme Chrome is BACK, and just WOW. Large Coed 7 teams are far and few between these days, and Chrome put out two Zero Deduction routines in January. I’m not sure that’s ever happened before, and it was amazing to witness it. Go, Cards, Go! 

Tribe Cheer Phoenix 

Tribe Cheer Phoenix is the season’s dark horse, and after their performances at JAMfest, they are on everyone’s radar. Phoenix hit Zero Deduction routines on both days with confidence. Their routine is fun and fast-paced, and they are a great addition to the Small Coed division this season. 

Stingray All Stars Electric 

These Rays stay PLUGGED IN. Electric’s day two performance had us HYPE. The lights are on, the bills are paid, and the BIDS, too! Electric had an event score of 97.825 (the third-highest score at JAMfest), earning them a paid bid. 

Cheer Extreme Code Black 

This is officially a Cheer Extreme Code Black stan account. Code Black’s performances this weekend were showstoppers, and they’re now in contention for the most consistent team of the season. Watching teams thrive after the international age grid changes to is refreshing – major props to them! 

Spirit of Hope Grand Nationals 2024 took place January 13-14, 2024, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Universal Spirit awarded four Full Paid bids and 12 at-large bids to The Cheerleading Worlds 2024. You can find the bid winners and full results for Worlds-division teams here

Hit Zero Stats

  • Day 1: 18.8% (6 of 32 teams) 
  • Day 2: 29% (9 of 31 teams) 
  • Teams who Hit Zero on both days
    • ATA Atomic
    • Carolina Spirit Athletics Crown Sharks
    • Flipping Out Tumbling Double or Nothing

Our Favorite Performances 

ATA Atomic 

ATA Atomic dropped some bombs in Charlotte this weekend! The Medium Senior 6 division is packed with talent this season, and Atomic is no exception. Atomic was one of three teams to Hit Zero on both days, and it looks as if their confidence is growing. We cannot WAIT to see this routine in person. 

Maryland Twisters F5

The Maryland Twisters F5 is back, and we’re here to hail the queen! Their throwback routine is serving up ALL the nostalgia. The Reigning World Champs show no signs of slowing down.

TAI Ice Queens

TAI Ice Queens have been making a name for themselves in the U18 Non-Tumbling 6 division. They caught our eye at WSF in December 2023, and this weekend, they delivered the highest Worlds score and a Full Paid bid to Worlds. 

Mardi Gras Grand Nationals 2024 took place January 13-14, 2024, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mardi Gras awarded two Full Paid bids and six at-large bids to The Cheerleading World 20224. Find all bid winners and full results for Worlds-division teams here

Hit Zero Stats

  • Day 1: 15.8% (3 of 19 teams) 
  • Day 2: 0% 
  • No teams Hit Zero on both days 

Our Favorite Performances 

Lousiana Cheer Force Gold 

Lousiana Cheer Force Gold is taking on the Limited Small Senior Coed 6 division, and their day two performance brought it! The energy – the confidence – it’s a win for us! 

Fame All Stars Super Seniors

The SUPA SENIORS are back! This season, the Super Seniors are taking on the Small Senior 6 division, and they look GOOD! We’re loving their iconic SUPER SENIORS voiceover and motion in the stunt – the crowds will eat it up! 

GSSA Grand Nationals 2024 took place January 13-14, 2024, in Bakersfield, California. GSSA awarded two Full Paid bids and six At-Large bids to The Cheerleading Worlds 2024. Find the bid winners and complete results for Worlds-division teams here

Hit Zero Stats

  • Day 1: 0% 
  • Day 2: 10% (1 of 10 teams) 
  • No teams Hit Zero on both days 

Our Favorite Performances 

OC All Stars Black 

OC All Stars Black is taking on the Extra Small Coed 6 division this season, and we’re excited to see another West Coast team in this division. Shoutout to Black for being the only Worlds team to hit a Zero Deduction routine this weekend! 

The California All Stars SMOED

SMOED is back once again, and they gave us an early preview of what to expect this season. As usual, SMOED has a sense of calm, cool, and collected vibe on stage. We’re excited to see them take the mat in full force later this season. 

California Pride Big Bang 

California Pride Big Bang is ready to take on the International Non-Tumbling Coed 6 division again. We love California Pride for their clean, innovative routines, and Big Bang is bringing IT this season. Their routine is beautifully choreographed, and their stunts feature several new, fun twists. 

UCA College Nationals 2024 took place January 12-14, 2024, in Orlando, Florida, at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. Hundreds of teams competed for their shot at the College National Champion 2024 title. Find the results for all divisions here

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