Weekend Review

January 9, 2024

An Inferno Burns It Down

Last weekend, we eased our way into 2024 with one Cheerleading Worlds bid competition. Spirit Cheer Super Nationals awarded two full paid and six at-large bids. Spirit Cheer is always an early preview for East Coast teams, and it’s an impressive feat to compete right after the holidays and New Year. Check out the top-scoring routines, bid leaderboards, and our favorite routines from Spirit Cheer below. 2024. IS. HERE!

The Top Scores of the Week

Top 10 Scoring Routines at Varsity All Star Competitions

* Final Event Scores only * Missing America’s Best Youngstown Challenge scores *

  1.  East Celebrity Elite Bomb Girls – 98.2042 (Spirit Cheer)
  2. Candy Elite All-Stars Crunch – 98.1333 (Spirit Cheer)
  3. East Celebrity Elite Bombshells  – 97.7333 (Spirit Cheer)
  4. Cheer Magic All Stars Jolt – 97.7167 (Spirit Cheer)
  5. Candy Elite All-Stars Pay Day – 97.6833 (Spirit Cheer)
  6. South Jersey Storm Cat 6 – 97.6625 (Spirit Cheer)
  7. Star Athletics Platinum – 97.5833 (Spirit Cheer)
  8. Quest Athletics Generals – 97.5667 (Spirit Cheer)
  9. Xtreme Cheer Inferno  – 97.5476 (Spirit Cheer)
  10. FAME NC KnockOut – 97.5333 (NCA Richmond Classic)

Top 10 Worlds-Division Scores From Worlds Bid Competitions

* All Scores are from Spirit Cheer Super Nationals 2024

  1.  East Celebrity Elite Bombshells  – 97.7333
  2. Xtreme Cheer Inferno  – 97.5476
  3. South Jersey Storm Celsius (Full Paid) – 97.2208
  4. East Celebrity Elite – CT FAME  – 96.8292
  5. East Celebrity Elite Bomb Squad  – 96.8292
  6. Port City Athletics LUX  – 95.8042
  7. World Cup Omni  – 95.5477
  8. Evolution Cheer Teal Obsession  – 94.4792
  9. World Cup Odyssey  – 94.2334
  10. Upper Merion All Stars Crush  – 93.8125

The Bid Leaderboards

Event producers awarded 147 bids to The Summit end-of-season events. You can find all of them here

🏔Summit Bid Leaderboard:

🌋D2 Summit Bid Leaderboard:

🗻Youth Summit Bid Leaderboard

⛰Regional Summit Bid Leaderboard (Partial Paid/Paid Only)

💃Dance Summit Bid Leaderboard

Spirit Cheer Super Nationals 2024 took place January 6-7, 2024, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Spirit Cheer awarded two full paid bids and six at-large bids to The Cheerleading Worlds 2024. You can find results for ALL divisions on our results page here

Hit Zero Stats

  • Day 1: 19.2% (5 of 26 teams)
  • Day 2: 30.8% (8 of 26 teams)
  • Xtreme Cheer Inferno and World Cup Omni hit zero deductions both days!

Our Four Favorite Performances 

Xtreme Cheer Inferno 

Xtreme Cheer Inferno took us by SURPRISE on day one. Inferno confidently took the stage and executed their routine to perfection. Every skill and transition left us wanting more. On day two, they delivered for a second time, increased their score, and became one of the only two Worlds teams to hit zero on both days. Congrats on our Full Paid bid to Worlds!


East Celebrity Elite Bombshells

The Bombshells are BACK in Small Senior 6, and we are thrilled to see it. Bombshells always have some of our favorite choreography of the season, and this routine checks all the boxes. It’s fast-paced, packed with skill, and the transitions are SMOOTH. They ended the weekend with the top Worlds division score and a Full Paid bid to Worlds. We cannot wait to see them take on The MAJORS 2024 this week. 


World Cup Omni

The reigning World Champs are starting 2024 with a bang. Omni performed two zero deduction routines, and they were one of two teams to hit zero on both days. On both days, their confidence was on full display. It’s two trips around the Universe – Omni rules planet Earth!  


South Jersey Storm Celsius

South Jersey Storm Celsius is quickly becoming one of the top teams to watch this season. After a couple of deductions on day one, Celsius bounced back on day two with a zero deduction routine that scored 97.8. Their routine flows effortlessly, and their technique is textbook. Small Coed 6 is going to be VERY interesting this season. 

Happening Next Weekend January 12-14, 2024

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