The Weekend Review

December 15, 2022

Here's What Happened

Another weekend is DONE AND DUSTED, and these routines are pushing the limits. December 10-11, 2022 there were three Cheerleading Worlds 2023 bid events and more than 50 other competitions spread across the United States. You can find everything that was on our radar last weekend here. Check out the leaderboards and top-scoring teams from the Worlds-bid competitions below. 

End-of-Season Bid Updates & Leaderboard

Event producers awarded 384 bids to end-of-season competitions over the weekend. See all of the bid leaderboards and all of the individual bid winners linked below.


🌎 22 Cheerleading Worlds Bids

Weekend Leaderboard:

  • 3 The Stingray All Stars
  • 3 Top Gun All Stars
  • 2 ICE
  • 2 Macs Allstar Cheer
  • 2 The California All Stars


🏔 98 Summit Bids

Weekend Leaderboard: 

  • 8 Cheer Athletics
  • 5 ATA
  • 5 Rival Athletics
  • 4 Bullitt Athletics
  • 4 ICE
  • 4 Maryland Twisters
  • 4 Pack Athletics
  • 4 South Coast Cheer
  • 4 The Stingray Allstars


🌋 96 D2 Summit Bids

Weekend Leaderboard:

  • 5 WIDC
  • 3 Aspire Cheer Academy
  • 3 Cheer Force
  • 3 Cheer Nation Athletics
  • 3 Omega All Stars
  • 3 One Elite All Stars
  • 3 TAI


⛰ 38 Youth Summit Bids

Weekend Leaderboard:

  • 2 Cheer Athletics
  • 2 Rocket Cheer


🗻 12 Regional Summit Bids

Weekend Leaderboard (Paid/ Partial Paid Only): 

  • 2 FAME All Stars – Roanoke


🌐 118 All Star Worlds Bids

Weekend Leaderboard:

  • 6 Spirit Xtreme
  • 5 Legacy Elite
  • 4 Brandon All Stars
  • 4 Show Me Athletics
  • 4 Texas Elite All Stars
  • 4 Top Gun All Stars Orlando

Battle Under the Big Top 2022

Battle Under the Big Top proved to be worth the pre-competition hype. We saw incredible performances from several reigning World Champions and fan favorites. BUTBT is usually the first time we see many of these teams compete. And this year, we got more than normal. We saw all but one of the Large Senior and Large Coed 6 teams compete. There was a 0.1333 difference between the first and third place in the Large Coed division, with TGLC coming out on top. Needless to say, it’s going to be an exciting season.


Top 5 Scoring Worlds-Division Routines:

  • Cheer Extreme SSX – 97.0083 (Full Paid bid winner)
  • Top Gun All Stars TGLC – 95.6750 (Full Paid bid winner)
  • Cheer Athletics Cheetahs – 95.6459
  • The Stingray All Stars Steel – 95.5417
  • Cheer Athletics Panthers – 94.7792. 

View all of the competition results here.

American Grand 2022

The American Grand 2022 was the season’s first meeting for many West-coast-based teams. 17 Worlds-division teams competed for two full paid and six at-large bids. Top Gun TGOC is making a name for themselves with two back-to-back zero deduction performances. And beyond the zero deductions, the energy was palpable and so much fun to watch. Cali Aces’, South Coast Cheer Fearless’, and Top Gun Mavericks’ day two hit performances were also standouts. Go West Coast gooooooo! 


Top 5 Scoring Teams: 

  • Top Gun All Stars Arizona TGOC – 97.6333 (Full Paid bid winner) 
  • The California All Stars Las Vegas Aces – 96.9958
  • South Coast Cheer Fearless – 96.4791 (Full Paid bid winner)
  • Top Gun All stars Arizona Mavericks – 95.9750
  • The California All Stars Ontario Blue Crew – 95.1458

View all of the competition results here.

Nation’s Choice 2022

Nation’s Choice 2022 was a small affair for Worlds-level teams. Only seven teams competed for one of eight bids, and two already had at-large bids. Regardless of size, we saw incredible performances. GymTyme Illinois Fever and ICE Lady Lightning performed zero-deduction routines on day one. Fever hit zero on day two and proved that their consistency is here to stay.  We can’t wait to watch them for the rest of the season. 


Top 5 Scoring Teams:

  • GymTyme Illinois Fever – 97.6833
  • ICE Ladying Lightning – 95.1834 (Full Paid bid winner)
  • GymTyme Illinois Tumble? – 92.5990 (Full Paid bid winner)
  • ICE UV – 90.2323
  • Motor City Cheer Diamonds – 90.1250

View all of the competition results here.

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