The Weekend Review

December 7, 2022

Here's What Happened

The first major cheerleading weekend of the 2022-2023 season is behind us, and what a weekend it was! Five competitions awarded bids to The Cheerleading Worlds from California to New Jersey to Canada. We watched every performance at WSF and Spirit Celebration, and the TALENT was THERE. We saw incredible performances from fan favorites and emerging stars.


Showcase season is still trekking along, and Spirit of Texas DELIVERED – scroll down to see videos of Royalty, A-Team, Reign, and others.

End-of-Season Bid Updates & Leaderboard

Event producers awarded 402 bids to end-of-season competitions over the weekend. (WOW?!) 


🌎 46 Cheerleading Worlds Bids

Weekend Leaderboard:

  • 5 – Cheer Athletics
  • 4 – Cheer Sport
  • 4 – Flyers Allstarz
  • 3 – CheerForce WolfPack
  • 3 – GymTyme All-Stars
  • 3 – Woodlands Elite


🏔 82 Summit Bids

Weekend Leaderboard: 

  • 9 – Nor Cal Elite All Stars
  • 6 – Cheer Athletics 
  • 5 – Inspire Athletics
  • 5 – Prodigy All Stars
  • 4 – Cheer Express 
  • 4 – CheerVille
  • 4 – Louisiana Cheer Force


🌋 79 D2 Summit Bids

Weekend Leaderboard:

  • 3 – Apex Cheer
  • 3 – Dream Athletics
  • 3 – Firehouse Elite 
  • 3 – NFINITE All Stars
  • 3 – Xtreme Athletics


41 Youth Summit Bids

Weekend Leaderboard:

  • 2 – ATA
  • 2- Cheer Athletics – Plano
  • 2 – Crush Athletics
  • 2 – Fierce Cheer Elite
  • 2 – Island Allstars
  • 2 – Prodigy All Stars


🗻 24 Regional Summit Bids

Weekend Leaderboard (Paid/ Partial Paid Only): 

  • 3 – Cheer UP Athletics
  • 2 – CheerForce San Diego
  • 2 – East Celebrity Elite – Hingham
  • 2 – GU Allstars
  • 2 – Island Allstars


🌐 130 All Star Worlds Bids

Weekend Leaderboard:

  • 10 – The California All Stars
  • 6 – Top Gun All Stars
  • 5 -Ace of Tuscaloosa
  • 5- Louisiana Spirit
  • 4 – Island All-Stars
  • 4 – Xtreme Fame Athletics

WSF Grand Nationals 2022

23 Worlds-level teams competed for three full paid and nine at-large bids. GymTyme Illinois Fever, Rain Athletics Aqua, and Pittsburgh Pride All Stars Purple Reign snagged the paid bids – the first of the season.


Teams showed up and showed out. The Hit Zero Queens, Rain Athletics Aqua, began another quest for a deduction-free season. They’re now off to a solid start with two in the bag. And not only did they Hit Zero but they also looked good doing it. The energy is there, the choreography is on point, and we’re excited to watch these athletes take on another season in a tough division.


GymTyme Illinois Fever took the mat with the confidence and precision that we’ve come to know and love. Their stunt transitions have a fun flavor, giving us something new and fresh.


Pittsburgh Pride All Stars Purple Reign confidently took the mat, and they were impressive from start to finish. Baskets were high, stunts were solid, and the choreo felt seamless. Watch out, Extra Small Senior 6!


Cheer Athletics SteelCats performed the house DOWN on both days. Their energy was palpable, and the routine was SO clean. And in December! This Senior Open Small Coed 6 is one to watch this season.


See results from all divisions at WSF Grand Nationals 2022 here.

Spirit Celebration Christmas Grand Nationals 2022

Eighteen teams competed for two full paid and six at-large bids. It was a Cheer Athletics paid party, with Wildcats and Panthers taking home the cash.


The top 3 scoring Worlds teams of the weekend left it all on the mat. Cheer Athletics Wildcats gave us a solid Hit Zero routine on Sunday. Panthers are BACK and more entertaining than ever. Their stunt sequence goes OFF, and they look excellent for this time of year. And GI Janes are back with a VENGEANCE. 


Cheers & More Lady Respect was another standout last weekend. They performed two solid routines, and we love seeing them in the Small Senior 6 division!


See all Worlds-division results here. 

Champion Cheer & Dance Grand Nationals 2022

24 teams competed at Champion Cheer for two full paid bids and 6 at-large bids. USA Wildcats Senior Elite and New Jersey Spirit Explosion FAB5 took home the paid bids. Congrats to the USA Wildcats for scoring the highest of the competition with a 95.6333!


Find all the Worlds-division results here.

Canadian Cheer for the Cure 2022

53 Worlds-level teams competed for four partial paid bids and twelve at-large bids. The partial paid bids went home with Cheer Sport Great White Sharks, Flyers Allstarz NOTORIOUS, PCT Temptation, and Flyers Allstarz KARMA. Congratulations to Flyers Allstarz NOTORIOUS on your high score of 140.48! 


Find all the Worlds-division results here.

Spirit of Texas Purple Preview

Spirit of Texas turned it OUT. Royalty, the reigning World Champs, performed one of the best showcase routines this season. It is the epitome of Spirit of Texas, and at the same time feels new and exciting. That PYRAMID is a work of art – they were twirling those flyers left, right, up, down, and center. We also saw the return of Reign and a powerful performance from A-Team. Also, A-Team’s new uniforms are perfect.


Spirit of Texas Royalty

Spirit of Texas A-Team

Spirit of Texas Reign

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