Weekend Review

January 23, 2024

Full Paid Ticket to Paradise

January is flying by, and another competition weekend is complete. There was only one Cheerleading Worlds bid event in the United States and two in Canada. This is the first weekend where we have more than two 99 scores on our all-levels score leaderboard! Check out the score leaderboards, bid leaderboards, and hit zero results from last weekend below!

The Top Scores of the Week

98+ Scoring Routines at Varsity All Star Competitions

* Final Event Scores only

  1. Cheer Athletics – Denver Ice 4 – 99.2667 L4 Junior (SS)
  2. Nor Cal Elite All Stars – San Ramon Pandora – 99.2029 L1 Junior (AM SJ)
  3. The California All Stars-Livermore J Fab – 99.1666 L3 Junior (AM SJ)
  4. The California All Stars-Livermore Strikers – 98.5042 L5 Senior Coed (AM SJ)
  5. The California All Stars-Livermore Pink – 98.4958 L3 Senior (AM SJ)
  6. Nor Cal Elite All-Stars- Sacramento MUSE – 98.4167 L3 Junior (AM SJ)
  7. Macs Allstar Cheer MACS SHADOW – 98.3 L4.2 Senior Coed (ASC SLC)
  8. SCV All Stars Junior Black – 98.2667 L3 Junior (AM SJ)
  9. Steele Athletics – Arkansas 24K – 98.2667 L4.2 Senior Coed (JF HS)
  10. Nor Cal Elite All Stars Luna – 98.2417 L3 Senior Coed (AM SJ)
  11. SCV All Stars Senior Blue – 98.1625 L3 Senior (AM SJ)
  12. Almaden Spirit Athletics Jade – 98.115 L1 Senior – D2 (AM SJ)
  13. POWER PATRIOTS – 98.1125 L2 Junior – D2 – Small – B (AM SJ)
  14. Almaden Spirit Athletics Lady Diamonds – 98.1125 L3 Junior – D2 (AM SJ)
  15. Cen-Cal Spirit Elite Young Money – 98.0797 L1 Junior – D2 (AM SJ)
  16. Flipping Out Tumbling Aces WILD! – 98.0797 L1 Youth – D2 – Medium (SU)
  17. Fierce Cheer Elite Royalty – 98.0375 L3 Senior – D2 (AM SJ)
  18. Athletic Perfection RED – 98.0209 L3 Junior – D2 (AM SJ)

Top 10 Worlds-Division Scores From Worlds Bid Competitions

*All Top 10 Scores are from Spirit Unlimited Battle at the Boardwalk

  1. USA Wildcats Senior Elite – 95.1292
  2. Maine Stars Glory – 94.8834
  3. Dream Athletics Havoc – 94.3363
  4. The Stingray All Stars Grand Master 6 GM6 – 93.8417
  5. New Jersey Spirit Explosion FAB5 – 93.4833
  6. USA Wildcats L.I.T. – 93.1726
  7. Phoenix Elite Code Red – 93.0875
  8. Upper Merion All Stars Crush – 92.6375
  9. Flipping Out Tumbling Double Or Nothing – 92.5584
  10. The Stingray All Stars Star – 92.4208

The Bid Leaderboards

Event producers awarded 308 bids to The Summit and Cheerleading Worlds end-of-season events. You can find all of them here

🏔Summit Bid Leaderboard:

🌋D2 Summit Bid Leaderboard:

  • 4 Cheer Time Revolution
  • 4 Idaho All-Star Cheer
  • 4 The Texas Bandits
  • 3 Ace All Star Cheer
  • 3 Beyond All Stars
  • 3 Champion All Stars
  • 3 Front Range Elite
  • Find all D2 Summit Bids here

🗻Youth Summit Bid Leaderboard

⛰Regional Summit Bid Leaderboard (Partial Paid/Paid Only)

🎟️Recreational Summit Bid Leaderboard

💃Dance Summit Bid Leaderboard

Spirit Unlimited Battle at the Boardwalk took place January 20-21, 2024, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Spirit Unlimited awarded two Full Paid bids and six At-Large bids to The Cheerleading Worlds 2024. You can find day one and two results for all Worlds-division teams here

Hit Zero Stats

  • Day 1: 9.5% (2 of 21 teams) 
  • Day 2: 19% (4 of 21 teams)
  • No teams Hit Zero on both days

Our Favorite Performances

Maine Stars Glory

Glory emerged victorious on day two with a Full Paid bid to Worlds after a Hit Zero routine. After day one, they were in the sixth spot to win one of the two paid bids. But on day two, they performed a CONFIDENT routine worthy of a paid ticket to PARADISE! (We’re loving their theme this season.) 😉🏝️ 

USA Wildcats Senior Elite

USA Wildcats Senior Elite is in a new division this year, Extra Small Coed 6, and they’re looking like a strong contender. On day two, they hit a Zero Deduction routine HARD. Their opening tumbling is *chef’s kiss*, and we’re obsessed with the teamwide U*S*A motion in their routine. Congratulations on the top Worlds-division score and you’re Full Paid bid to Worlds! 

Feel the Power East 2024 took place January 20-21, 2024, in Ontario, Canada. FTP awarded one Full Paid and three At-Large bids to The Cheerleading Worlds 2024. You can find the results for the Worlds division here

Hit Zero Stats

  • Day 1: 10.5% (2 of 19 teams)
  • Day 2: 10.5% (2 of 19 teams) 
  • No teams Hit Zero on both days 

Cold Snap Classic 2024 took place January 19-21, 2024, in Alberta, Canada. Cold Snap awarded two Partial Paid bids and six At-Large bids to The Cheerleading Worlds 2024. You can find the bid winners here

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