The Weekend Review

November 16, 2022

Here's What Happened

Hello, and welcome to CheerTheory’s Weekend Review where we gather the most exciting moments from the previous weekend. The early days of any season are full of surprises; in cheerleading, we always have a lot to look forward to. New routines, music, uniforms – it’s a busy time of year. Here’s the Weekend Review for November 12-13, 2022.

This season already feels like it’s going to be… different. Teams are coming out of the gates SWINGING. We’re talking solid skills, innovative transitions, and exciting routines. Not every season begins with this much excitement, and we’re here for it.

You can view last weekend’s competitions here and the bid winners for end-of-season events here

The California All Stars Showcase

We again attended The CALI showcase where most of their locations, except for Las Vegas, performed for the first time. It was a strong showing for the West Coast powerhouse, including their Worlds teams Black Ops, Sparkle, Blue Crew, Vixens, Shade, TNT, and Rangers (SMOED and Cali Coed were not there).

Sparkle, the reigning World Champs, are certainly living up to their title with one of the most impressive first performances we’ve seen this season. You can watch a clip of their performance here.

Black Ops is serving up another incredible stunt sequence that reflects their unique style. Haters will say it is the same as last year, but it’s a difficult stunt with a new flare. Watch it on Twitter here.

Blue Crew’s routine is probably the best they’ve ever had. It flows well, and the athletes look calm, cool, and collected. We cannot wait to see what else they have in store this season. Watch it on Twitter here.

Vixens have a fire inside and on the mat. Their elite stunt sequence was SOLID, and it’s a solid start to the season for them. Watch their stunt sequence on Twitter here.

The Stingray Allstars Gym Jam

The Stingray Allstars Gym Jam gave us our first look at Steel and Orange. Steel’s opening baskets should be in the dictionary next to perfection. Per usual, Steel is the definition of coed cheerleading. The skills are tough, exact, and thoroughly entertaining. You can watch their performance here.

Orange put an old-school cheer into one of their stunt sections, and THAT is going to be a great moment at large competitions. We love a crowd moment. You can watch their performance here.


Woodlands Elite Parent Show

Woodlands Elite has been pretty quiet over the summer and we’re excited to see what they’re working on. We got our first look at Generals and a snippet of Red Angels, their new Small Senior 6 Worlds team. We’re still patiently waiting to see what Black Ops and GI Janes are up to. You can watch Generals’ performance on Twitter here and Red Angels’ performance here.


Cheer Athletics

Cheer Athletics debuted some epic routines at their annual showcase, and this past weekend they competed for the first time. Cheetahs are looking stronger than ever and Panthers look like a team with something to prove.

Panthers’ First 22-23 Competition

Cheetahs’ First 22-23 Competition


ICE Lady Lightning Showcase

ICE Lady Lightning is giving us CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! The reigning Small Senior 6 World Champions are BACK!

Maryland Twisters F5 Showcase

Oh Miss HONEY! The girls are back and we wanna TALK!

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