The Weekend Review

November 23, 2022

Here's What Happened

Another early-season competition weekend is in the books and we saw an impressive showing of cheerleading sprinkled across the United States. We had 36 competitions on our radar, which you can find in our last Weekend Roundoff


Top Gun and World Cup’s showcases did not disappoint with solid performances abound. Cheer Extreme held their annual X Evolution with performances from fan-favorites including Senior Elite, SMOEX, Lady Lux, Coed Elite, and more – see them on their YouTube here.

End-of-Season Bid Updates

Event producers awarded 237 bids over the weekend to end-of-season competitions. 


Top Gun Take Off 2022

Top Gun is undeniably one of the most popular programs on the planet. Known for pushing the limits and providing constant entertainment, it’s a reputation that’s well-deserved. Find all of their showcase videos on YouTube here.


The back-to-back World Champions showcased another show-stopping routine. TGLC’s basket timing is one for the books – perfectly executed and so visually appealing. As was the case last season, their mix perfectly complements their routine. The “CLEAR” before the dance was a nice touch and reminds us of the *ding* in last season’s boxing theme – it’s an impactful touch.



Top Gun Orlando’s golden child returns with another routine that has left peoples’ jaws on the floor and the tweets flying. Revelation is one of Top Gun’s newest Worlds teams and it’s hard to deny that they have some of the best showmanship in the industry.


Top Gun Double O

Double O showcases coed power with a healthy dose of performance. Over the past seasons, they’ve managed to create a winning formula that has a sense of familiarity without feeling stale or “been there done that.”


World Cup Showcase

The World famous World Cup debuted their 2022-23 routines over the weekend and it was a solid start to the season. You can find additional videos linked here: Starlites, Suns, Omni, Neptune, Smoke, Zenith, and Inferno.


Shooting Stars

The iconic ladies of Large Senior are back and ready to give us a show. We can always count on the Stars to give us a performance, and this season’s routine is full of non-stop picture-perfect moments. Watching this in person is going to be epic.



Odyssey heads back to the Extra Small Coed 6 division and their routine looks fantastic. The routine is precise and flows well, and most importantly, the athletes look confident. The Extra Small divisions have come into their own over the years, and this routine is a testament to that.


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