The Weekend Roundoff

December 10-11, 2022

Here's what's happening

And we’re BACK! It’s one of the most anticipated weekends of the season, where we get our first look at teams on the West Coast at American Grand in Las Vegas, the South at Battle Under the Big Top in Atlanta, and the Midwest at Nation’s Choice in Wisconsin. 


For the first time in quite a while, we will see an early matchup between all three Senior Large Coed 6, TGLC, Cheetahs, and Steel, in Atlanta. We will also see three of the four Senior Large 6 teams compete head to head. All eyes are on World Cup Shooting Stars, Stingrays Orange, and Cheer Athletics Panthers. You can watch the whole thing go down via live stream on both Saturday and Sunday here


In Las Vegas, three reigning World Champions will compete at their first Worlds-bid event of the season. South Coast Cheer Fearless, The California All Stars Sparkle, and MACS Senior Starz will take the mat and set the tone for a new season. You can also watch the entire competition via live stream here


In Wisconsin, we’ll see the reigning Small Senior 6 World Champions, ICE Lady Lightning, make their season debut. We’ll also see GymTyme IL Fever take the mat once again, just days after winning WSF and a paid bid to the Cheerleading Worlds 2023. 


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This Weekend's Cheerleading Worlds Bid Competitions

The American Grand Nationals 2022

Nation’s Choice Grand Nationals 2022

All Star Challenge Battle Under the Big Top Grand Nationals 2022


Cheerleading Worlds Bid Competition Searchable Schedule

All Competitions This Weekend

There are 55 competitions scheduled across the United States December 10-11, 2022. There are 33 independent events, 22 Varsity events, 19 Summit/D2 Summit bid events, 15 All Star Worlds bid events, and 3 Cheerleading Worlds bid events. 


Click below to find competitions happening this weekend and beyond. You can now search all cheerleading competitions on CheerTheory by event producer type, bids, sanctioning, in-person/virtual, and more. Use the filters at the top of CheerTheory’s competition page here.


World Class Cheer WCC Virtual Championship

Cheer Derby Nashville Nationals 2022

MCDA Cowboy Christmas Classic West Monroe LA 2022

JAMZ Showdown @ The Bay 2022

Gold Rush Fort Worth 2022

Spirit Royale Marquee Los Angeles 2022

Bravo Spirit Christmas Classic 2022

UCE Dayton Experience 2022

Deep South Spirit New Jersey Classic 2022

Valley of the Sun Shake Your Palm Palms 2022

Maximum Cheer and Dance PA Madness 2022

United Cheer Events Galveston Championship 2022

Global Events Manheim 2022

Kingdom Events Manheim 2022

Spirit Brands The Festival Wildwood 2022

Cheer Evolution Montreal Mayhem 2022

AAS Birmingham 2022

NCA & NDA Northeast Regional Championship 2022

UCA Sandy Fall Classic 2022

Full Out Combat Cheer Homefront Civil Showdown WA 2022

NCA Holiday Classic- DI/DII 2022

CHEERSPORT Hot Springs Classic 2022

Encore Baltimore Showdown DI/DII 2022

CHEERSPORT Greensboro State Classic DI/DII 2022

CHEERSPORT Oaks Classic 2022

9 Panel Cheer All Star Jam Concord 2022

Aloha Gatlinburg Showdown DI/DII 2022

Cheer Power Holiday Showdown Columbus 2022

Spirit Cheer Dance Grand Nationals & Cheer Nationals DI/DII 2022

Spirit Sports Worcester National DI/DII 2022

UCA Salt Lake City Regional 2022

Celebrity Championships Branson 2022

All Star Challenge Battle Under the Big Top Grand Nationals 2022

Nation’s Choice Grand Nationals 2022

The American Grand Nationals 2022

World Cheer Co Windy City Extravaganza 2022

Fun Cheer Winter Wonderland New Braunfels 2022

America’s Best Bowling Green Challenge 2022

AAS Biloxi 2022

Spirit Brands The Bear Virtual 2022

Spirit Xpress Concord Challenge 2022

JAMfest San Antonio Classic DI/DII 2022

Cheer Max Muncie 2022

JAMfest Lexington Classic 2022

Freedom Spirit Championships Louisville 2022

Deep South Spirit The Cheer Tour Tampa 2022

NCA State of Texas Championship 2022

Varsity Canadian Kickoff 2022

ASC Oklahoma Christmas Classic 2022

Cheer and Dance Extreme Richmond Classic 2022

Cheer America Holiday Cheer 2022

Star Spirit Productions Holiday Championship 2022


Last weekend a whopping 402 bids were awarded to end-of-season competitions. Teams won 46 Cheerleading Worlds bids, 82 Summit bids, 79 D2 Summit bids, 41 Youth Summit bids, 24 Regional Summit Paid/Partial Paid bids, and 130 All Star World bids.


Click below to see every team that won a bid last weekend.

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