The Weekend Roundoff

February 4-5, 2023

Here's what's happening

Happy February! We have a VERY BUSY weekend ahead of us. There are SIX Cheerleading Worlds 2023 bid competitions in the United States and THREE in Canada. That’s a lot of Worlds bids. Teams are competing on both coasts and everywhere in between, including California, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Illinois, and Connecticut. 


Scroll down to find schedules, where all of the events are, and who already has a bid heading into the weekend. 

Cheerleading Worlds Bid Competitions

All Out Championships The All Out Nationals 2023

Cheer America Cheer Bowl 2023

Cheer and Dance Extreme Mid Atlantic Nationals 2023

CSG Grand Nationals 2023

Spirit Sports Grand Nationals 2023

The Champions League 2023

All Competitions This Weekend

There are more than 52 competitions scheduled across the United States from February 4-5, 2023. There are 34 independent events, 17 Varsity events, 17 Summit/D2 Summit bid events, 11 All Star Worlds bid events, and 6 Cheerleading Worlds bid events in the United States.


Click below to find competitions happening this weekend and beyond. You can now search all cheerleading competitions on CheerTheory by event producer type, bids, sanctioning, in-person/virtual, and more. Use the filters at the top of CheerTheory’s competition page here.

Aloha Pittsburgh Showdown 2023

Aloha Trenton Showdown (Winter) 2023

AmeriCheer Brands Battle of the States Championship 2023

AmeriCheer Brands Winter Open Nationals 2023

ASC Appalachian Express Nationals 2023

ASC Clash of the Titans Tacoma Showdown DI/DII 2023

Canadian Cheer Fest 2023

Celebrity Championships Oklahoma City 2023

Cheer Max Mason 2023

Cheer Power Southern Nationals DI/DII 2023

Cheerfest Montreal Championship 2023

CHEERSPORT Baltimore Classic 2023

Coastal at the Capitol Grand Nationals DI/DII 2023

Deep South Spirit Mile High Classic 2023

Encore Memphis Showdown DI/DII 2023

FCDA Meltdown 2023

Fun Cheer Sweetheart Classic Denton 2023

Global Events Charlotte 2023

Impact Toms River February 2023

JAMfest Durham Classic 2023

Journey Championships Council Bluffs Two Day Classic 2023

Maximum Cheer and Dance Port City Classic 2023

MaXout West Virginia 2023

NCA & NDA Clark County Regional Championship 2023

NCA Kissimmee Classic DI/DII 2023

NCA Minneapolis Classic 2023

NCA Nashville Classic DI/DII 2023

NCA Tulsa Classic Dl/Dll 2023

NDA Whitman Winter Regional Championship 2023

One Up Concord Challenge DI/DII 2023

Pro Action Championships Royal Heartland 2023

Redline Championships Showdown at the Rock 2023

Shout Cheer The Big Chill Championship 2023

Spirit Brands American Championships 2023

Spirit Brands Garden State Championship 2023

Top of the World Championship 2023

UCE Louisville Experience 2023

Victory Snow Bowl 2023

VIP Shreveport 2023

World Class Cheer West Coast Challenge 2023

WSA Phoenix 2023

Last week, 427 bids were awarded to the Cheerleading Worlds, Summit events, and the Allstar World Championships. Click below to see who has a bid for each event!

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