The Weekend Roundoff

January 13-15, 2023

Here's what's happening

A busy weekend of cheerleading awaits! There are four Cheerleading Worlds 2023 bid events this weekend, including Spirit of Hope, GSSA, Mardi Gras, and Winners Choice. More than 36 Worlds bids are up for grabs from California to North Carolina. UCA College Nationals is also in full swing from Friday to Sunday. More than 60 competitions are happening across the country and teams will compete for Summit, D2 Summit, Allstar Worlds bids, and more. 


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This Weekend's Cheerleading Worlds Bid Competitions and College Nationals

GSSA Grand Nationals 2023

Mardi Gras Grand Nationals 2023

UCA College Nationals 2023

Universal Spirit Spirit of Hope Grand Nationals 2023

Winners Choice Cheerleading Championship 2023

All Competitions This Weekend

There are more than 60 competitions scheduled across the United States from January 13-15, 2023. There are 41 independent events, 19 Varsity events, 17 Summit/D2 Summit bid events, 18 All Star Worlds bid events, and 4 Cheerleading Worlds bid event.


Click below to find competitions happening this weekend and beyond. You can now search all cheerleading competitions on CheerTheory by event producer type, bids, sanctioning, in-person/virtual, and more. Use the filters at the top of CheerTheory’s competition page here.

The STATE Daytona Beach Nationals DI/DII 2023

Aloha Chattanooga Dance Showdown 2023

FCDA East Coast Challenge 2023

The Derby City Crown Classic 2023

JAMZ Palms & Pyramids 2023

Deep South Biloxi Beach Blast 2023

Deep South Spirit The Cheer Tour Providence 2023

State Fair Spirit Classic January 2023

ROC Spirit Winterfest 2023

Cheer Max Bowling Green 2023

3P Comps Showdown 2023

Top of the World Valley Cheer Challenge 2023

The Great Lakes Crown Championship 2023

Global Events Colorado Springs 2023

Impact Lincroft January 2023

Spirit Brands Northeast Championships 2023

Spirit Brands Armadillo Championships 2023

WSA Shreveport Challenge 2023

NDE Best of the Midwest 2023

Xtreme Spirit Premier National Championship 2023

NDA Bama Dance Regional Championship 2023

Full Out Combat Cheer Battle in T-Town 2023

UCA West Coast Challenge 2023

The American Gateway St. Charles Nationals 2023

Cheer Power Wild West Showdown Canton 2023

Cheer Power Cash Bash Showdown Galveston DI/DII 2023

Aloha Worcester Showdown 2023

Aloha Portland Showdown DI/DII 2023

ASC Clash of the Titans Phoenix Showdown DI/DII 2023

Athletic Championships Chattanooga Nationals DI/DII 2023

NCA Toms River Classic 2023

Celebrity Championships Ft. Smith 2023

Cheer and Dance Extreme Savannah Showdown 2023

Redline Championships Oklahoma Money Madness 2023

World Class Cheer NorCal Cup 2023

Star Spirit Productions New Years Championship 2023

Journey Championships High Sierra Showdown NV 2023

Maximum Cheer and Dance Florida Classic 2023

Aloha Baltimore Showdown 2023

The Spirit Championships Phoenix 2023

NDA Iowa Regional Championship 2023

MaXout New Jersey 2023

AmeriCheer Brands Buckeye Open Nationals 2023

Cheer America Texas State Championship 2023

Reel Championships Virtual January 2023

NCA Milwaukee Classic 2023

Redline Championships Winter Showdown 2023

F & T Championships Winter Battle 2023

Shout Cheer Arctic Blast Championship 2023


Last week, 127 bids were awarded to the Cheerleading Worlds, Summit events, and the Allstar World Championships. Click below to see who has a bid for each event!

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