The Weekend Roundoff

January 20-22, 2023

Here's what's happening

One of the most anticipated weekends of the cheerleading season is HERE! We’re kicking off a busy weekend with The MAJORS on Friday night, where we’ll see performances from 28 of the most talented teams in all star cheerleading.


This weekend, there are two Cheerleading Worlds 2023 bid events in the United States and two in Canada. There are 57 competitions on our radar with bids to The Summit, The D2 Summit, The Youth Summit, The Regional Summit, and The Allstar World Championships. 


JAMfest Super Nationals 2023 is super-sized once again, with more than 100 Worlds-level teams scheduled to take the mat. Battle at the Boardwalk is taking place in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where East Coast teams will have a great opportunity to grab a bid to Worlds.


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Cheerleading Worlds Bid Competitions and The MAJORS

Double Up Cheer Productions Cold Snap Classic 2023

The MAJORS 2023

FTP Feel The Power East 2023

Spirit Unlimited Battle at the Boardwalk Grand Nationals 2023

JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals 2023

All Competitions This Weekend

There are more than 57 competitions scheduled across the United States from January 20-22, 2023. There are 42 independent events, 15 Varsity events, 12 Summit/D2 Summit bid events, 15 All Star Worlds bid events, and 4 Cheerleading Worlds bid events.


Click below to find competitions happening this weekend and beyond. You can now search all cheerleading competitions on CheerTheory by event producer type, bids, sanctioning, in-person/virtual, and more. Use the filters at the top of CheerTheory’s competition page here.


JAMZ Youth Nationals 2023

The MAJORS 2023

The American Masterpiece San Jose National & PW Dance Grand National DI/DII 2023

Double Up Cheer Productions Cold Snap Classic 2023

PacWest Dance Grand Nationals 2023

Spirit Unlimited Battle at the Boardwalk Grand Nationals 2023

JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals 2023

The American Showdown Fort Worth Nationals DI/DII 2023

ASC Queen of the Nile Salt Lake City Showdown DI/DII 2023

JAMfest Hot Springs Classic 2023

JAMfest York Classic 2023

NCA High School Nationals 2023

Spirit Sports Colorado Springs Nationals DI/DII 2023

Spirit Solutions Liberty Classic 2023

Transcend Bid Bash Branson MO 2023

Redline Championships Best of the Midwest 2023

Spirit Royale Marquee Kennewick 2023

The Spirit Championships Chino Hills 2023

NV Championships Kansas City Grand Nationals 2023

UCE Toledo Championship 2023

Liberty Spirit Championships Jersey Championship 2023

Deep South Spirit Rock n Roll Classic 2023

Cheer Star Winter Championship 2023

Valley of the Sun 20th Birthday Bash 2023

Cheer Max and Apex Championships Columbus 2023

World Cheer Co Norcal Invitational 2023

East Coast Championships Kissimmee Cheerfest 2023

Victory Peach Classic 2023

Victory Washington Showdown 2023

FCDA West Coast Challenge 2023

Kingdom Events Atlantic City 2023

Spirit Brands Cheer Invasion 2023

Canadian Cheer Battle at the Border 2023

All Out Championships Midwest Gateway Nationals 2023

WSA Birmingham 2023

VIP Louisiana / LA State School Championship 2023

Xtreme Spirit Davenport Xtreme Spirit Nationals 2023

Dakota Spirit Valentine’s Classic 2023

Spirit Xpress Asheville Challenge 2023

UCA Sandy Spring Classic 2023

JAMZ NA Nationals 2023

Aloha Buffalo Showdown 2023

Cheer and Dance Extreme Rumble in the Jungle 2023

GMCE Go Silver 2023

Redline Championships Southern Showdown 2023

Bravo Spirit The Diamond State Championship 2023

All Day Cheerleading Winterblast 2023

United Cheer Events South TX Championship 2023

Canadian Cheer Border Showdown 2023

AmeriCheer Brands Jerome Spirit Series 2023


Last week, 444 bids were awarded to the Cheerleading Worlds, Summit events, and the Allstar World Championships. Click below to see who has a bid for each event!

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