The Weekend Roundoff

November 12-13, 2022

Here's what's happening

And a 5-6-7-8! Another action-packed weekend of cheer is here, with at least 37 events on our radar (and linked below). The first Cheerleading Worlds bid event is this weekend in Dayton, Ohio, and Americheer will award two at-large bids.


There are still a few weeks until the busy Cheerleading Worlds season begins the first weekend of December. You can find all of the upcoming bid events linked directly underneath this section, including Canadian bid events!


Showcases continue this weekend with ICE’s Polar Premier on Saturday, November 11th, and The California All Stars and CheerVille Athletics on Sunday, November 13th. CheerTheory will be at the CALI showcase, and we’ll share as much as they’ll let us – follow on social to see it all.

Upcoming Cheerleading Worlds Bid Competitions

Championnat Adrénaline 2022

World Class Cheerleading Cali Crown 2022

All Competitions This Weekend

There are 37 competitions scheduled across the United States for November 13-15, 2022, including virtual events that go live next week.


Click below to find competitions happening this weekend and beyond. You can now search all cheerleading competitions on CheerTheory by event producer type, bids, sanctioning, in-person/virtual, and more. Use the filters at the top of CheerTheory’s competition page here.


Last weekend was the second weekend of bid events across the United States. Teams took home two Summit bids, four D2 Summit bids, three Youth Summit bids, nine Regional Summit bids, and three All Star Worlds bids. In total, 21 bids were awarded. 

Click below to see who already has a bid to end-of-season events. 

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