The Weekend Roundoff

November 3-5, 2023

More Showcases More Fun!

It’s Friday, November 3rd, 2023. We’ve entered the depths of the 2023-2024 showcase season, and at least 14 programs are showcasing across the United States and Canada. Our first look at several reigning World Champs, the Grand World Champs (Top Gun Revelation), the highest-scoring Summit 2023 team (Rival Athletics Revenge), and the most popular teams in cheerleading are on their way. The anticipation is buzzing. 


In this weekend’s roundoff:

  • One Summit Bid competition
  • 16 competitions 
  • 14+ preseason showcases
  • Four college clinics
  • Last weekend’s bid update


And a 5-6-7-8 – let’s get into it!

One Summit Bid Competition This Weekend

Last weekend was the first bid competition of the regular 2023-2024 season. CSG in Peoria is the only opportunity for teams to win a bid this weekend. Good luck to the early go-getters!

You can find all future Summit bid competitions here (and search by date, location, etc.).


CSG Peoria Challenge 2023

Competitions Happening Across the Country

Bravo Spirit Gym Showcase 2023

Celebrity Championships ROCD 2023

Cheer and Dance Extreme Spirit of Fall Classic 2023

CSG Peoria Challenge 2023

Full Out T-Town Train Up 2023

JAMZ Royal Valley Championship 2023

Rise Productions Royal Invitational 2023

Spirit Championships Florida Spirit Bash Cheerleading 2023

The Spirit Showcases SoCal 2023

UCA Houston Regional 2023

UCA Northern California Regional 2023

UCA Northwest Regional 2023

USA Central California Regional 2023

USA Colorado Regional 2023

World Class Cheer Arizona Crown 2023

Xtreme Spirit Chicago Premier Championship 2023

Showcases, Showcases, Everywhere

It’s the busiest showcase weekend yet, and we’ll see some of the most popular teams debut. We’re headed to South Coast Cheer in person to see the back-to-back-to-back World Champion Fearless. There’s a Utah showdown with three of the largest programs debuting on Saturday – including Rival Athletics, MACS, and Utah Fusion All Stars. Cheer Athletics is bringing together five of its locations for one massive debut. We’re excited to see Cheetahs’ marching band-themed routine that has kept people talking non-stop since their theme reveal. 

You can find our list of all upcoming showcases here. (If you want us to add yours, message us on social or email

Cheer St. Louis Blue Debut Showcase 2023-2024

Desert Elite Mavericks Showcase 2023

MAC’s Madness Showcase 2023

PCT Cheer & Tumble Showcase 2023

South Coast Cheer Showcase 2023

Rival Athletics Showcase 2023-2024

Utah Fusion All-Stars Showcase 2023-2024

Champion Cheer All-Stars Showcase 2023-2024

Kansas City Athletic Cheer Showcase 2023-2024

Flipping Out Tumbling Showcase 2023-2024

Top Gun All Stars Orlando Showcase 2023-2024

The Maryland Twisters 2023-2024 Showcase

Cheer Athletics Plano Blue Debut 2023-2024

College Clinics Happening Across the Country

Our mission is to make it easier to find cheerleading information, and that now includes college clinics. There are four clinics on our radar this weekend, both in Texas. If you have a college clinic for us to add, shoot us a message or email

You can find all future college clinics here.

Lindenwood Cheer Fall Cheer Recruit Clinic 2023

Texas Wesleyan November 2023

Vanguard University STUNT Prospect Camp November 2023

Last weekend, the first US bids of the 2023-2024 season were awarded. We’ve updated our Summit, D2 Summit, Youth Summit, and Regional Summit bid lists from Monday, October 30th’s reveal. The Allstar World Championships bid list is up-to-date with the carryover bids from last season, international bids awarded over the summer, and last weekend’s bid winners. 

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