The Weekend Roundoff

October 28-29, 2023

It All Starts Now

It’s Friday. If you’re anything like us, you’re thrilled that the new season is here. Twitter (uh, X?) is filled with the sweet shrill of sound effects and the sparkle of a Swarovski Crystal. Music releases, uniform reveals, routine sneak peeks, and now competitions are here – even if it’s WAY early. Tiptoe into the season with us.

In this weekend’s roundoff:

  • The first two Summit/D2/Youth/Regional Summit bid competitions of the season
  • Catch one live-streamed competition on a device near you
  • Four showcases we have our eyes on
  • Two college recruiting clinics

Let’s go. ⬇️ 

The First Summit Bid Competitions of the Season

There are 290 Summit bid events this season, and the race begins this weekend. There are two competitions this weekend, one in Indiana and the other in Texas. They will award 3 Wild Card bids to the Summit, D2 Summit, and Youth Summit, plus 6 Partial-Paid bids to The Regional Summit.

The Summit bid declaration changed a bit this year – the most significant change being an increase in Wild Card bids.

You can find all future Summit bid events here.

Cheer Power San Antonio Halloween Challenge 2023

GLCC Indy Challenge 2023

One Competition Streaming on a Device Near You

High schools in Memphis will compete at the UCA/UDA Mid-South Regional 2023 on Saturday, and you can catch it live on VarsityTV.

UCA/UDA Mid-South Regional 2023

Competitions Happening Across the Country

Bravo Spirit State Fair Showdown 2023

Cheer Power San Antonio Halloween Challenge 2023

GLCC Indy Challenge 2023

Spirit Brands The Platypus Virtual 2023

UCA Ten Thousand Lakes Regional 2023

UCA/UDA Mid-South Regional 2023

World Cheer Co Haunted Bash 2023

Four Showcases to Lookout For

Showcases season is off to a dramatic start. Last weekend, The California All Stars were flooded out of their venue, and Cheer Extreme debuted what will soon become the most popular routines of the season.

This weekend, we’re looking for sneak peeks from Cheer Athletics Charlotte, Twist & Shout, American Cheer, and University Cheer Force. You can find our list of all upcoming showcases here. (If you want us to add yours, message us on social or email

American Cheer 2023-2024

Cheer Athletics Charlotte 2023-2024 Blue Debut

Twist & Shout 2023-2024 Shouterville Showcase

University Cheer Force Showcase 2023-2024

Get Spirited at Two College Clinics

We’re on a mission to make it easier to find the cheerleading info you’re looking for, and that now includes college clinics. There are two clinics on our radar this weekend, both in Texas. If you have a college clinic for us to add, shoot us a message or email

You can find all future college clinics here➡️

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