The Weekend Roundoff

November 11-12, 2023

Let's Take on The World

It’s Friday, November 10th, 2023. The first Cheerleading Worlds 2024 US-bid competition of this season is THIS weekend. We’re quickly approaching the busy season, and we’re ready to go. AmeriCheer will award two at-large bids to teams competing in Ohio. There are 41 competitions on our radar, including 11 Summit and 9 All Star Worlds bid bid comps. Quick reminder: you can find The Summit 2024 bid declaration here – there were a few changes for the 2023-2024 season!


There are eight showcases we’re looking out for, including ICE, Brandon, KC Cheer, and others. See them all below.


In this weekend’s roundoff:


Let’s get into it⬇️

The First Cheerleading Worlds Bid Competition of the Season

The Cheerleading Worlds 2024 bid race is officially on. The first US bid event of the 2023-2024 season is this weekend in Ohio where AmeriCheer will award up to two at-large bids. 

AmeriCheer The Buckeye Midwest Championship 2023

Competitions Happening Across the Country

41 (!!) competitions are scheduled across 18 states and Canada this weekend. The early days of the 2023-2024 season are still calm, but teams who showcased last weekend are already headed to the stage to get judged for the first time. If you’re looking for competitions beyond this weekend, you can search for all types of competitions on CheerTheory’s homepage. Search by event type, date, location, bids, and more.

AAS Shreveport 2023

AmeriCheer The Buckeye Midwest Championship 2023

ATC Utah Challenge 2023

Bravo Spirit NTGU Let’s Glow Crazy! 2023

Canadian Cheer Fall Classic 2023

Cheer America Bargain Blast Off 2023

Cheer Power Tulsa Showdown 2023

CHEERSPORT Concord Fall Classic 2023

CHEERSPORT Memphis Classic 2023

CSG Indy Challenge 2023

Deep South Spirit Blues Classic 2023

Diamond Cheer and Dance Fall Classic 2023

GLCC Pittsburgh Challenge 2023

JAMZ Battle at the Capitol 2023

JAMZ Capitol City Championship 2023

Journey Nationals St. Louis 2023

Journey St. Louis 2023 – Virtual

Mardi Gras Galveston Challenge 2023

MCDA Indiana Showcase 2023

Nation’s Choice Dance Grand Championship & Cheer Showdown 2023

NCA North Texas Regional Championship 2023

Rockstar Championships KC Classic 2023

Rockstar Championships Rock the Harvest 2023

Spirit American Cheer Fall Frenzy 2023

Spirit Xpress Raleigh Fall Classic 2023

State Fair Spirit Classic November 2023

UCA Magic City Regional DI Coed NT NB 2023

UCA Magic City Regional DII 2023

UCA Memphis Classic 2023

UCA Missouri Regional 2023

UCA Mobile Regional 2023

UCA Southern California Regional 2023

UCA/UDA Mile High Regional 2023

UCA/UDA November Virtual Challenge 2023

USA Arizona Regional I 2023

USA Northern California Regional I 2023

Victory Mississippi Kickoff 2023

VIP Birmingham 2023

The Showcases Continue

Will lightning strike three times? We’re about to find out! We’re excited to see some of our favorite teams perform this weekend, including ICE Lady Lightning, CheerVille Anarchy, KC Cheer Fierce Five, Brandon Senior Black, and more.

You can find our list of all upcoming showcases here. (If you want us to add yours, message us on social or email

ICE Allstars Showcase 2023-2024

Ohio Valley All Stars Black & Blue Debut Showcase 2023-2024

CheerVille Showcase 2023-2024

KC Cheer Showcase 2023

Brandon All-Stars Showcase 2023-2024

Genesis Athletix Showcase 2023-2024

Indiana Ultimate 2023-2024 Showcase

College Clinics Happening Across the Country

Our mission is to make it easier to find cheerleading information, and that now includes college clinics. There are two clinics on our radar this weekend, both in Texas. If you have a college clinic for us to add, shoot us a message or email

You can find all future college clinics here.

Last weekend only a handful of bids were awarded to The D2 Summit, The Youth Summit, and The Regional Summit. The nine bid winners plus the Allstar Worlds bid recipients have been updated in their respective lists. 

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