Well hello there, welcome to Cheer Theory!

We’ve been working on something real special for you. What if I told you, you never had to endlessly search on YouTube for competition videos again? Or no longer had to pray that competition companies post results to their website? Searching for cheer-related stuff on the internet can sometimes be…. annoying.

WELL, I’m here to share some great news. Over the past few months, we’ve been hanging out on the sidelines collecting the information cheerleaders care about most. To share the best possible experience, we started with Level 5 and Worlds division results. But more is coming soon.

Here’s everything we’ve got for you:

The homepage is a living stream of the most recent posts. Towards the middle, you will see information about Worlds and related events. On the top navigation (or side nav if you’re on mobile), you’ll see Home < Competition < Worlds < Lifestyle < Music < About.

Competition: Click a competition name from the drop down menu and then you can choose any division you so desire. The division pages will show you the results and as many videos as we could find. BOOM BAM POW. You’re welcome.

Worlds: Find all the Worlds Bids information available since November. We know that this is not a comprehensive list of Worlds Bids, but we will add as much information as we can find. Click on any of the links to see the full results and all the available videos.

Lifestyle: These posts have a different tone. Read about the latest topics in cheer. Think: fun facts, real experiences, and predictions.

Music: How much fun is it to look for cheerleading music? No fun at all! We scoured the internet for as many mixes as we could find. Obviously there are some missing, so shoot us your faves and we’ll add them.

About: Here is where you can learn what we’re doing. Also, if you’re interested in partnering with Cheer Theory or want to submit a post, hop on over to the Work With Us page.

There are over 100 posts already on the site dating back to competitions in late November. Go get lost in the results and videos. I hope you enjoy this new experience and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Welcome to Cheer Theory.????

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