What Is an Independent Cheerleading Event Producer?

A list of the different event producer categories that you can find on the CheerTheory Directory.

There are several different types of event producers in all-star cheerleading. The most common distinction is between independent and Varsity event producers. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion over the different types and which companies belong to which categories. The different kinds of event producers can be confusing because most belong to several categories, but not all. Below we describe each event producer type that appears on the CheerTheory Directory. We do not keep track of all kinds of event producers, such as school associations and rec cheerleading.


The way that most people understand independent event producers is any company that Varsity does not own. Typically they are owned by one or two people with a long history in competitive all-star cheerleading. Independent event producers often belong to one or more categories, such as USASF, IASF, YCADA, The Open, etc. Varsity is the only category an independent cannot be a part of. Independent event producers choose the types of scoresheets and rulebook they follow, as well as what types of bids they give out (The Cheerleading Worlds, Allstar Worlds, The One, etc). 

You can find independent event producers here.



Varsity is the largest cheerleading and dance event producer in the world. Varsity operates over 20 unique brands, including NCA, UCA, JAMfest, USA, and more. They use the same scoresheet, offer the same types of bids, and are USASF members. Varsity event producers offer bids to several different end-of-season events, including The Summit, The D2 Summit, The Youth Summit, The Regional Summit, and The US Finals.

You can find all Varsity event producers here.



The US All Star Federation, USASF, is the largest governing body for competitive cheerleading and dance in the United States. USASF credentials coaches, judges, and events. They offer resources to programs and athletes, including rules, scoresheets, event producer sanctioning, program memberships, and more. USASF-sanctioned events follow strict guidelines, mainly on safety guidelines, rules, scoresheets, and judging credentialing.


USASF hosts the most prestigious end-of-season event in competitive all-star cheerleading, The Cheerleading Worlds, alongside the IASF. Teams must compete at a USASF-sanctioned event to win a bid to The Cheerleading Worlds.


USASF partners with many independent producers and all Varsity brands. Event producers may belong to USASF and offer other scoresheets and divisions at their events. However, to compete in USASF divisions at USASF-sanctioned events, they must follow USASF rules and guidelines. USASF event producers may not award bids to the Allstar Worlds produced by The Open Championships. 

You can find USASF event producers here.



The International All Star Federation, IASF, is an international governing body for competitive cheerleading and dance teams. Like USASF, they offer a rule book, scoresheet, and many other resources for cheerleading and dance programs. IASF’s primary focus is international, with sanctioned event producers in Ireland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, New Zealand, Colombia, Australia, Scotland, Australia, Chile, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan.


IASF hosts The Cheerleading Worlds alongside the USASF. Teams must compete at an IASF-sanctioned event to win a bid to The Cheerleading Worlds. When USA-based Worlds-level teams compete at USASF-sanctioned competitions, they can win bids in IASF divisions to The Cheerleading Worlds.

You find IASF event producers by clicking here.


The Open Championships / Allstar Worlds

The Open and Allstar Worlds event producers offer credits to The Open Championships and bids to the Allstar Worlds. The Open / Allstar Worlds is not a governing body. However, they offer a rule book and scoresheet. Only independent (non-Varsity) event producers offer credits to The Open Championships or bids to the Allstar Worlds (not to be confused with The Cheerleading Worlds). Independent event producers cannot be USASF members if they offer bids to the Allstar Worlds.

You can find The Open and Allstar Worlds event producers here.



The Youth Cheerleading and Dance Association is a governing body that provides “universal governance for the sport of youth/rec cheer, dance, or spirit-related events.” They standardize Youth/Rec rules, score sheets, and scoring guidelines. They also provide training, committees, and resources related to cheerleading and dance.

You can find YCADA event producers here.


Other Event Type Producer Types

There are quite a few other cheerleading and dance governing bodies and types. We do not list them yet, as the most popular event producer types are listed above. 

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