Worlds bid season is around the corner and we. are. PUMPED. The first Summit and D2 Summit bids were given out last week (what?!) and we’re just over a month until the first Worlds bid event. Before we know it, nationals season will be here and it’s going to be crazy.

We took a look at all the Worlds bids that competition companies will award this year and here’s what was interesting.

10 Interesting Facts about the Cheerleading Worlds 2017 Bids

  1. There are 381 bids up for grabs. 128 are full paid and 253 are at-large

  2. USASF will award 6 bids outside of  individual competitions this year as a part of the Worlds Cup Race.

  3. Only 22 states have Worlds bid events in 2017

  4. Texas will give out the most Worlds bids this season (48)

  5. Georgia will give out the second most Worlds bids this season (42)

  6. California and Ohio will give out the third most Worlds bids this season (30 each)

  7. CHEERSPORT and NCA Dallas will award the most bids at a single event, 8 full paid and 16 at-large each each.

  8. There are only five months that a team can win a bid to Worlds: December, January, February, March, and April.

  9. The most bids will be given out in February (105) followed closely by March (96)

  10. No bids will be given out in the majority of the “middle” United States except for Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

We have all the individual Worlds bid events listed here and we will post the results there as the season progresses.


Pretty Graphs Based on This Year’s Worlds Bids

Be sure to over them and click to get more information.

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