Cheer Theory’s Unique Advertising Platform

Cheer Theory offers an unprecedented platform to advertise your business to the all-star cheerleading community including athletes, parents, coaches, gym owners, and fans. The theory behind our approach to covering all-star cheerleading is a multi-channel approach. We meet consumers where they are – whether that’s a search on Google or Bing, social media (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook), or on through mobile applications – both Android and Apple.

We started Cheer Theory with the idea that finding information on the cheerleading community was too hard, so we changed it. We created a central location for the information that cheerleaders and fans care most about. This includes things like competition results, Cheerleading Worlds bids, Summit & D2 Summit bids, and breaking news relevant to the all-star cheerleading community.

We Know All-Star Cheerleading 

Cheer Theory has evolved into more than just a website that tracks results and bids. Our unique content (articles and blog posts) are the number one driver of traffic and engagement by every indicator. We know all-star cheerleading inside and out – from the NCA arena lights to the Cheerleading Worlds mat, we’ve been there. Today, we’re more plugged into the community than ever. 

Our Approach to Content

Our approach to content is built on the best practices of the world’s largest publishers like BuzzFeed, The Verge, Apartment Therapy, and countless others. We live in the world of digital marketing and we’re proving time and time again that the all-star cheerleading community needs an independent platform. 

While our ultimate goal is to support the existing all-star cheerleading community, we are now discovering and testing new ways to attract new fans and attention to the crazy world that we know and love. 

Committed to Real Results

Now we’re opening our platform to those trying to reach our highly engaged audience.

We’re committed to creating advertising opportunities that are beneficial and tailored to your individual business and brand. Whether you’re an event producer, program, music producer, choreographer, vendor, or something totally different, we’ll build you an advertising package that is unique to your business.

How to Advertise on Cheer Theory

Cheer Theory offers many different opportunities to put your business or brand in front of a highly engaged audience.

For brand awareness campaigns we offer:

  • Sponsored articles
  • Display advertising (top level, in-post, sidebar, etc)
  • Sponsored social media posts
  • Sponsored Facebook paid advertise
  • Cheer Theory live event coverage
  • and more 

For more strategic marketing sponsorships, we offer custom packages and strategies to help your business or brand in front of the lucrative all-star cheerleading audience.

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Marketing and Brand Awareness Consulting

For the past two years, Cheer Theory has used a combination of grassroots marketing and paid advertising to reach hundreds of thousands of people. 

Cheer Theory knows what makes this industry tick and we can help your program, event producer, business, or brand get more recognition, more fans, and ultimately more business.

Here’s what we’re good at:

  • Website design
  • Website copy
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing strategies
  • Basic marketing messaging and positioning
  • Organic social media strategies
  • Paid social media strategies
  • Paid search engine marketing

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Write for Cheer Theory

Are you a budding journalist or an all-star cheerleading fanatic? We are looking for freelance writers who are interested in providing smart, timely content for the site. We welcome idea submissions from anyone.

We are primarily looking for college students who want to get published. But again, we welcome submissions from everyone. 

If you’re interested in working together, we encourage you to send an email to