World Cup Shooting Stars have been popular for so long because they’re predictable in the most important way. It’s extremely difficult to produce an award-winning and crowd-pleasing routine, let alone do it for more than 10 years in a row. World Cup Shooting Stars are one of the few teams who produce the same awe-inspiring routine year-after-year and have helped drive the evolution of cheerleading. After watching their showcase video over the weekend, there’s one thing for certain. These stars show no signs of fading.

When people talk about routines and teams they love, they usually refer to one piece or section. For example, XYZ Allstars has an amazing stunt, ABC Allstars have ridiculous tumbling, or CDA has an amazing dance. But, when you watch Shooting Stars routine, you’re not watching for one section, you’re anticipating an all-encompassing performance. Cheerleading should be more than just throwing the hardest skills, it should look (and actually be!) fun!

Of course, when people (like me) talk about Shooting Stars, it’s their performance and energy that people are drawn to. Their routine muddles together different sections and they break the rules of typical all-star cheer routines, which is actually pretty funny because they’ve been around longer than most.

The things they do differently are subtle. Like opening up a routine with two full eight counts of choreography instead of immediately throwing skills. Every transition is choreographed and their athletes don’t add extra motions or gestures. Ever. Most cheerleaders do some sort of extra motion or flare at the end of tumbling, for example, and that’s not something you’ll see in this routine.

Shooting Stars are also notorious for “picture” moments, like the one below. There are several instances where the choreography involves the entire team, creating an extremely visual and eye-pleasing routine.


The non-stop, innovative nature of this routine makes it an instant classic. Formations, motions, and skills literally look effortless. They did nine double-up to immediate stretches and not ONE struggled. If you told me this performance was right before NCA, I would believe you.

I’ve always been a Shooting Star fanatic, but I think anyone who appreciates good cheerleading will thoroughly enjoy this routine.


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