Cheer Music Pro just released World Cup Shooting Stars new music and by some work of magic and wizardry they maintained their iconic style.  Personally, I would describe Shooting Stars’ style as a mixture of show tunes, cheetah print, and elegant dance flare. Every year, they choose a theme that defines their music and choreography and this year they’ve chosen Dancing with the Stars.

Their themed music always perfectly matches their choreography and this mix has got me ALL sorts of excited to see what they bring to the floor. I’m getting serious 2010 vibes here, there may be no Ricky Martin, but I’ll tango anyway.

See their showcase video here!

Notable Soundbites:

  • You know who’s got the moves, let’s take it the dance floor
  • Come here and break it down with the legendary Shooting Stars
  • I wanna dance with the stars all around me
  • And now… doing the tango… Shooting Stars
  • Let’s forget the world exists and dance all night
  • This is my dance space. That’s your dance space. Honey, nobody puts a Shooting Star in a corner.
  • And next up, dancing the Waltz, it’s World Cup!
  • Legendary. Iconic. Absolutely stunning.
  • What we’re about to do right here… is make you dance.

Listen to the mix below

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