The 2015 Cheerleading Worlds was certainly an event to remember. Every year cheerleaders perform harder, more dynamic routines that push the industry forward. 2015 was no different and we saw some routines that made our jaws drop.

Here are the results for the International Open Coed 6 division:

1. GymTyme All Stars Chrome

2. Cheer Athletics Claw6

3. Pacific Coast Magic Resurrection

4. TCA Thailand National Team

5. Flyers All Starz Shock

6. Team Puerto Reico

7. Outlaw AllStars Fugitives

8. Cardenales All Stars

9. Jaguars KSA

10. Impact Cheer Innovations

11. CheerForce WolfPack

12. Club Deportivo

13. Purple Diamonds

14. ADN Thundercats

15. Club Deportivo Elite All Stars

16. Leones All Star

17. Phantom All Stars

18. Diablos Extreme

19. UDLA

20. Odyssey

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