WSA Nationals takes place March 16-17, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. They will award two full paid, four at-large, and one non-tumbling at-large bid to the Cheerleading Worlds 2019. 

Each team who is scheduled to compete and their current bid status is listed below. 

You can see each team who currently has a bid to the Cheerleading Worlds, Summit, or D2 Summit here.


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Cheerleading Worlds Bids

  • Two full paid bids to the Cheerleading Worlds 2019
  • Four at-large bids to the Cheerleading Worlds 2019
  • One at-large bid non-tumbling bid to the Cheerleading Worlds 2019

Extra Small 5

Extra Small Coed 5

Small Senior 5

Small Senior Coed 5

Medium Senior 5

Medium Senior Coed 5

Large Senior 5

Large Senior Coed 5

Senior Open 5 

Senior Open Small Coed 5

Senior Open Large Coed 5 

International Open Non-Tumbling 5 

International Open Coed Non-Tumbling 5 

International Open 5

International Open Small Coed 5

International Open Large Coed 5

International Open 6

International Open Small Coed 6

International Open Large Coed 6

International Global 5

International Global Coed 5 

Cheer Abilities

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