Small senior all-girl was the second largest division at WSF in Louisville, Kentucky. Can we get a 5,6,7,8 herkie for them?!

1. Premier Athletics N. KY

No video 🙁

2. Green Bay Elite Lime

White, gold and purple? We’ll buy it. These Lime Ladies have more to offer than just cheese! Get it? Because they’re from Wisconsin…?

3. ICE Lady Lightning

Life! You give me life! We run this world because we are ICE! We’re ready for the redemption.

4. Five Star

No video 🙁

5. Stingray Allstars Apple

“Let’s go Appppplllleeeeeee!” – Mom at the beginning of the video

6. CJA

Central Jersey Allstars really turned up the heat for WSF. Kudos.

7. Star Athletics

8. Ohio Extreme

9. Premier Athletics Michigan

10. Step One

11. ACE

12. Premier Athletics Lexington

13. Indiana Elite

14. Legacy Xtreme

15. Fire House

16. Cheer Legendz

17. Heat Athletics