WSF All Star Cheer & Dance Championship 2018 takes place December 8-9, 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky. WSF is the first large Midwest nationals event of the season and has become more popular in the last couple of season with the addition of Friday’s specialty event – The Cheer Alliance Championship. 

WSF will award four full paid bids, eight at-large bids, and one non-tumbling bids to the Cheerleading Worlds 2019. 

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Cheerleading Worlds Bids

  • Four full paid bids
    • Cheer Athletics Panthers – Large Senior 5
    • Cheer Athletics Cheetahs – Large Coed 5 – Declined 
    • Top Gun TGLC – Large Coed 5 
    • Woodlands Elite Black Ops – Medium Coed 5 
    • World Cup Shooting Stars – Large Senior 5 (accepted declined bid) 
  • Eight at-large bids
    • Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells – Extra Small 5 
    • Louisiana Cheer Force Gold – Extra Small Coed 5 
    • World Cup Shooting Stars – Large Senior 5 – (Upgraded to full paid after declined bid) 
    • Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz – Small Coed 5 
    • Top Gun Royal Jags – Senior Open Small Coed 5 
    • Rain Athletics Aqua – Small Senior 5 
    • Maryland Twisters Ice – Extra Small Senior 5 
    • Top Gun Sci5 – International Open Small Coed 5 
  • One non-tumbling bid
    • Cheer Extreme Lady Luxe 

Day 1 Bid Order

TeamDay 1 ScoreDivision
GymTyme PlatinumMissing 
Indiana Ultimate InsanityMissing 
Top Gun All Stars Sci5Missing 
CEA Lady LuxeMissing 
Cheer Athletics Panthers98.23Large Senior 5
Cheer Athletics Cheetahs97.78Large Coed 5
Top Gun TGLC97.78Large Coed 5
Cheer Extreme Senior Elite97.57Large Senior 5
Woodlands Elite Black Ops97.07
Medium Senior Coed 5
CJA Bombshells96.67
Extra Small Senior 5
Louisiana Cheer Force Gold96.55
Extra Small Coed 5
Top Gun Royal Jags95.85
Senior Open Small Coed 5
CJA Team Gunz95.72Small Coed 5
ECE Bombshells95.7Medium Senior 5
Cheer Athletics SteelCats95.68
Senior Open Small Coed 5
GymTyme Fever95.63
Extra Small Coed 5
Maryland Twisters F595.43Large Senior 5
Maryland Twisters Reign95.07
Medium Senior Coed 5
Rain Athletics Aqua95.03Small Senior 5
Cheer Extreme Coed Elite95
Medium Senior Coed 5
Woodlands Elite Generals94.97Small Senior 5
Twist & Shout Shout Diamonds94.75
Extra Small Coed 5
Woodlands Elite Recon94.58Small Coed 5
Maryland Twisters Ice94.52
Extra Small Senior 5
World Cup Shooting Stars94.47Large Senior 5
Woodlands Elite Lady Rage94.03
Extra Small Senior 5
Woodlands Elite GI Janes93.98Medium Senior 5
Cheer Athletics ZeusCats93.57Small Coed 5
Stingray All Stars Sniper93.53Small Senior 5
Step One All Stars Phenomenal93.37
Extra Small Senior 5
Twist & Shout Obsession93.32
Extra Small Senior 5
Premier Athletics Rouge93.1
Extra Small Senior 5
Cheer St Louis Archangels92.85
Extra Small Senior 5
Cheer Athletics Pittsburgh Platinum Cats92.85Senior Open 5
Cheer Extreme Reign92.6
Extra Small Coed 5
Five Star Wicked92.33Small Coed 5
Cheer Extreme Chicago91.57Small Coed 5
Twist & Shout Adam & Eve91.22
Senior Open Small Coed 5
Premier Athletics Great White Sharks90.95Small Coed 5
Cheer Legendz Pumaz90.9
Extra Small Coed 5
Pittsburgh Superstars Supermodels90.63Medium Senior 5
Stingray All Stars Stealth90.12
Extra Small Coed 5
Bluegrass Athletics Code Blue89.57
Extra Small Coed 5
Pride of Illinois Phoneix89.45
Extra Small Coed 5

Extra Small 5

  1. Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells 
  2. Maryland Twisters ICE (VA) 
  3. Premier Athletics Rouge 
  4. Woodlands Elite Lady Rage
  5. Cheer St. Louis Archangels 
  6. Twist and Shout Obsession 
  7. Step One All Stars Phenomenal 

Extra Small Coed 5

  1. GymTyme All Stars Fever – Full Paid 
  2. Louisiana Cheer Force Gold 
  3. Twist and Shout Diamonds
  4. Cheer Extreme Reign 
  5. Pride of Illinois Phoenix 
  6. Cheer Legendz Pumaz 
  7. Bluegrass Athletics Code Blue
  8. Stingray All Stars Stealth 

Small Senior 5

  1. Rain Athletics Aqua 
  2. Woodlands Elite Generals 
  3. Stingray All Stars Snipers

Small Senior Coed 5

  1. Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz
  2. Woodlands Elite Recon
  3. Cheer Athletics Zeuscats 
  4. Five Star Wicked 
  5. Premier Athletics Great White Sharks 

Medium Senior 5

  1. East Celebrity Elite Bombshells 
  2. Woodlands Elite GI Janes
  3. Pittsburgh Superstars Supermodels

Medium Senior Coed 5

  1. Woodlands Elite Black Ops 
  2. Maryland Twisters Reign 
  3. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

Large Senior 5

  1. Cheer Athletics Panthers – At Large
  2. World Cup Shooting Stars 
  3. Maryland Twisters F5

Did not finish competition: 

  • Cheer Extreme Senior Elite 

Large Senior Coed 5

  1. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs – At Large
  2. Top Gun All Stars TGLC

Senior Open 5 

  1. Cheer Extreme Shade
  2. Cheer Athletics PlatinumCats

Senior Open Small Coed 5

  1. Top Gun All Stars Royal Jags
  2. CheerAthletics SteelCats
  3. Twist and Shout Adam & Eve

International Open Non-Tumbling 5 

  1. Cheer Extreme Lady Luxe

International Open Small Coed 5

  1. Top Gun All Stars Sci5
  2. Indiana Ultimate Insanity 

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